Bright Futures Farm Gallops to a Win in Eleventy’s 4Good Nonprofit Giveaway

By eleventy marketing group

Like any classic underdog story, this one came down to the wire. On the last day of 4Good Nonprofit Giveaway voting, nonprofit finalist The Mommies Network was in first place. The second place finalist – Bright Futures Farm – was behind by over 200 votes. The giveaway seemed all but over…

Then Bright Futures Farm supporters rallied, using social media to spread the word to friends and friends of friends and friends of friends of friends. As a result, a rush of votes rolled into eleventy’s Facebook page in the waning hours of May 31. By the time the clock struck midnight, it came down to a photo finish. The winner: Bright Futures Farm.

4Good Giveaway Final Standings

  1. Bright Futures Farm – 1,576
  2. The Mommies Network – 1,472
  3. One of a Kind Pets – 1,111
  4. Hugs N Bugs – 392
  5. Tenth Life – 196
  6. HEART of Tucson – 180
  7. Wishes Can Happen – 105
  8. Rural Learning Center – 85
  9. Pancreatic Cancer Action Network – 63
  10. After-School All-Stars Ohio – 57

Three nonprofit organizations stuck out in the voting results. Why?

You may have noticed that three organizations dominated the voting – Bright Futures Farm, The Mommies Network, and One of a Kind Pets. So what did these organizations and their supporters do differently? For starters, they all had established social media pages and online networks of supporters. These made it easier for them to engage and activate their support base to get out and vote. They gave individuals who follow and like the organization a call to action and many responded.

4Good Social Engagement Numbers

63,320 People Reached on Facebook by the Giveaway

5,237 Votes in the Finalist Round (2)

4,159 Votes for the Top 3 Organizations

2,573 Votes in the Nomination Round (1)

How the top three nonprofit organizations compelled voting:

  • Social Media – Using their social media sites, primarily Facebook and Twitter, all three of the top organizations regularly posted links to the 4Good voting making it easy for supporters to vote and share. They provided repeated encouragement and voting updates.
  • Email Messages/Newsletter – Several organizations encouraged supporters to vote by providing links via email or email newsletters. The giveaway winner, Bright Futures Farm, included a direct link to the voting in an email to their supporter list.
  • Blog Posts – Many organizations used blogging to get the word out about giveaway voting. Top finisher The Mommies Network included several posts on their blog talking about the giveaway, and inspiring their supporters to take a minute to vote.

Social Media Call to Action

Here is a Facebook post from Bright Futures Farm during the final minutes of 4Good Nonprofit Giveaway:


Wow… you are all truly amazing! Please continue to share, beg, and demand that your family and friends vote now. six minutes left and let’s say ten votes to go to be safe… we can do this!

Learn more about the top three nonprofit finishers in the 4Good Giveaway.

Bright Futures Farm is a 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to saving horses, primarily Thoroughbreds and elder stallions, from abuse, neglect, and slaughter. Learn more at

The Mommies Network is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping moms find support and friendship in their local community. Learn more at

One of a Kind Pets is a 501c (3) organization dedicated to the rescue and adoption of homeless pets in danger of euthanasia, spaying/neutering, and public education in the humane treatment of animals. Learn more at

A final word…

Thanks to all our nonprofit finalists and nominees, and everyone who voted in the 4Good Nonprofit Giveaway! Don’t worry, eleventy will be launching more exciting social media giveaways in the near future. Like us on Facebook so you can be the first to know when our next innovative giveaway launches.