30 Significant Stats from Google on Consumer Multi-Screen Usage

By eleventy marketing group

If you’ve ever sat in front of the TV while surfing the Web on your tablet or smartphone, then you, my friend, are a “multi-screener”. In today’s connected world, engaging with multiple screens at one time is becoming more common. People are using different devices to multi-task and dig deeper. For businesses and organizations, understanding multi-screen behaviors is important for creating better experiences and increasing engagement.

Recently, Google released a new report titled The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-platform Consumer Behavior. This study (conducted in partnership with Sterling Brands and Ipsos) looked at 7,955 hours of activity from 1,611 participants to get a sense of the nature of multi-screen usage and cross-platform behavior. Check out Google’s insightful and visually interesting report when you get the chance. In the meantime, here are some enlightening chunks of data from the Google study…

“The device we choose to use is often driven by our context: where we are, what we want to accomplish and the amount of time needed.”

-Google Multi-Screen Report

Notable Numbers from Google’s Multi-Screen Study

90% of all interactions are screen based (phone, PC, laptop, TV)
10% are non-screen based (magazine, radio, newspaper)

We spend an average of 4.4 hours of our leisure time in front of screens each day

Average time spent per interaction:

Smartphone – 17 minutes
Tablet – 30 minutes
PC/Laptop – 39 minutes
TV – 43 minutes

24% of our daily media interactions occur on a PC

38% of our daily media interactions occur on a smartphone

9% of our daily media interactions occur on tablets

Sequential Usage
Moving from one device to another at different times to accomplish a task

Simultaneous Usage
Using more than one device at the same time for either a related or an unrelated activity

90% use devices sequentially to accomplish a task over time

Top activities performed when sequentially screening between devices:

81% Browsing the Internet
72% Social Networking
67% Shopping Online

Smartphones are the most common starting point for online activities

We use an average of 3 different screen combinations every day:

81% Smartphone & Television
66% Smartphone & Laptop/PC
66% Laptop/PC & Television

57% of time we’re using a smartphone, we’re using another device
75% of time we’re using a tablet, we’re using another device
77% of time we’re using a TV, we’re using another device
67% of time we’re using a PC, we’re using another device

78% of simultaneous usage is multi-tasking

22% of simultaneous usage is complementary

TV is a major catalyst for search:

22% of smartphone searches
10% of pc/laptop searches

80% of smartphone activity is spontaneous vs. 20% planned
52% of PC/Laptop activity is spontaneous vs. 48% planned

67% of us start shopping on one device and continue on another

And perhaps the most telling stat of all…

34% of us use the device that’s closest to us when looking for information