3 Results Showing Significant Online Giving Growth for Nonprofits in 2012

By eleventy marketing group

Online giving continued to make big strides in 2012. While donating via Web currently only accounts for 10% of the total dollars charities collect, this method of giving is becoming increasingly common. More organizations are using the Internet to reach donors than ever before. And more individuals are choosing to make donations to nonprofits online.

Data recently reported by The Chronicle of Philanthropy shows online giving saw rapid and healthy growth this year. Here are some stats illustrating how much of a boost online giving received in 2012, and a few key insights into when donors tend to give online…

Three Nonprofit Online Giving Stats from 2012

These statistics from The Chronicle exhibit the increased growth and adoption of online giving by nonprofit organizations throughout the year:

During the second quarter of 2012, some 51,000 charities reported a 10.9% jump to $204 million in total online gifts compared with April to June a year ago

From July to September, the same group of charities reported collecting 8.9% more (or $180.9 million) compared with the same months in 2011

The total number of organizations raising money online grew by 20% this year, to 106,000 charities, up from 88,400 last year

View More Online Giving Stats – Explore online fundraising quarterly results on The Chronicle of Philanthropy website.

Three Insights Into When Donors Give Online

The Chronicle analyzed online giving to determine when people make Web donations. Here are a trio of key findings:

Two thirds of online donations are made during business hours, with more people giving early in the afternoon (Eastern time)

Slightly more donations come in on Mondays and Tuesdays than later in the week; online donors are least generous on Saturdays

Although gifts later in the week are fewer, they tend to be larger. Thursdays and Fridays bring an average of $100.18 and $94.65 per gift. On Mondays, the average gift size is $84.07.

The bottom line: Online giving numbers for nonprofits have increased consistently over the past several years. Industry experts expect those numbers to climb upward for years to come. As more organizations reach out to donors and potential donors online, and individuals become more comfortable making donations on the Web, online giving will become a key component in nonprofit fundraising efforts. Make it a point to work on improving and expanding your online giving marketing initiatives in 2013.

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