7 Most Viewed and Valuable Marketing Blog Posts of 2012

By eleventy marketing group

Best Eleventy Marketing Blog Posts of 2012It’s official: The New Year is here. That means there are 12 months in front of you to advance and enhance your marketing efforts. But before you get cracking on your marketing strategy for 2013, why not take a moment and look back on 2012? It’s always valuable to reflect, remember and learn from the year that came before. Then you can step on the gas and work to drive your marketing forward.

Throughout the year, eleventy is constantly collecting, digesting and analyzing data of all shapes and sizes. We use a lot of that data to lay out interesting and insightful marketing nuggets on this blog. Over dozens of posts, containing hundreds of stats, we’ve tried to give you an idea of the big topics in marketing this year; areas where you should be concentrating your time, energy and expertise. Today, we look at the most viewed eleventy blog posts of the year.

Top Eleventy Marketing Blog Posts of 2012

From big data and mobile mania to direct marketing and nonprofit fundraising, our top blog posts cover the year’s most important marketing topics. In case you missed them, here are the most heavily trafficked eleventy blog posts of 2012.

#7 – 6 Insights Into How Nonprofits Are Tracking, Analyzing and Using Data

The Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) published a report titled “The State of Nonprofit Data”. The info in this report gave us a better idea how nonprofits are using data and the challenges they face. This blog post looks at key stats from the report. Read it here.

#6 – 3 Ways Blogging Will Positively Impact Your Organization’s Website

Perhaps the most important benefit of a blog is the positive impact it will have on your website. By analyzing data from our own blog (the one you’re reading right now), we pinpoint three significant ways a blog makes your website more valuable. Check it out.

#5 – 4 Important Advantages of Data-Driven Marketing for Your Organization

Big Data. It was the marketing buzzword of 2012. While the process of collecting and analyzing data may be complex, understanding the power of data doesn’t have to be. In this blog post, we push aside all the Big Data hype and focus on what’s really important: How data will benefit your business. Take a look.

#4 – 8 Resounding Reasons Customer Experiences Make a Massive Difference

With social media enabling people to spread the word with a few keystrokes, a poor customer experience can now do extensive damage to a brand. Don’t take our word for it, check out these telling stats from the “Customer Experience Impact Report”View it now.

#3 – 5 Mobile Marketing Statistics Every Business Needs to Know

From iPhones and iPads to Androids and Kindles, all eyes were on mobile devices in 2012. Since people are on mobile devices, that’s where your message should be. This post presents five stats illustrating just how big mobile has become. Give it a glance.

#2 – 5 Statistics Explaining Why Marketers Are Still Behind the Curve on Data Marketing

Perhaps no topic was discussed more in 2012 than the emergence and importance of data marketing. With all the buzz, many businesses and nonprofits were ready to jump in. But it takes a high level of skill and experience to get the most out of data marketing. When it comes to data, there’s still a lot of work to be done. Find out why.

#1 – 4 Notable Statistics About Direct Marketing Response Rates

Data and direct marketing go hand-in-hand, as reflected by our top two posts of the year. In this post, which continues to get hundreds of views each month, we look at some notable data and statistics from the DMA “2012 Response Rate Report” along with what those results mean for your organization’s marketing. Get the scoop.

Those are our top posts of 2012. We’ll continue crunching the numbers on the latest marketing trends and cranking out the content for your reading pleasure in 2013. So check back to the eleventy marketing blog regularly for more great marketing insights.

Have a productive and successful New Year!