Eleventy Marketing Group Enjoys Its First ‘Puppy Friday’

By eleventy marketing group

Puppy Friday 1

eleventy marketing group president Ken Dawson enjoys some canine company on Puppy Friday

On Friday, Jan. 11, data-driven marketing company eleventy launched an innovative new employee initiative — Puppy Friday.

eleventy marketing group’s Puppy Friday aims to reduce stress, increase productivity, encourage employee interaction and exercise, and create a healthier, happier workplace. Dog-owning employees from each suite are encouraged to bring their dogs into the office on their scheduled Friday. With two suites forming the eleventy workplace, you can find two or more dogs in the office on any given Friday.

“The dogs reset the mood and allow creativity to flow, which is extremely important in the marketing business…”

“Allowing employees to bring their dogs into work is a proven way to reduce stress and absenteeism, increase productivity and employee interaction and promote healthier habits,” said eleventy President Ken Dawson. “When a dog comes over and lays by your feet or licks your hand, the stresses of the week just seem to fade away. Many of the employees have told me how their mood immediately brightened when they saw one of the dogs, even when if it wasn’t their own.”

The Benefits of Having Pets in the Workplace

In a study published in the March 2012 issue of the International Journal of Workplace Health Management, Virginia Commonwealth University found that dogs in the workplace reduce stress during the workday for their owners and make the job more satisfying for those with whom they come into contact. Having pets present in the workplace serves as a low-cost wellness initiative that enhances organizational satisfaction and employee morale.

Puppy Friday 2.0

A pair of fury friends greets visitors to eleventy marketing group on the first Puppy Friday

“Having dogs in the workplace definitely changes the atmosphere,” said Dawson. “The dogs reset the mood and allow creativity to flow, which is extremely important in the marketing business.”

While dogs in the workplace show positive benefits for employees, eleventy made it a point to get the permission and approval of all employees before moving forward with the initiative.

“If there were any objections due to allergies, fear of dogs or any other reason, I would have not proceeded. I made sure to take into account all my employees’ feelings before beginning,” Dawson said. “From the feedback I received, the first Puppy Friday was a huge success and everyone enjoyed having dogs in the office.”

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