11 Illuminating Answers to How Organizations Approach Social Media

By eleventy marketing group

Social PageThe days of questioning the validity and staying power of social media are over. These days, organizations are focusing on different questions—like how to keep social media pages churning and best use social sites to reach audiences. These are not easy questions to answer, and many organizations are still feeling their way through the process.

The new report “Structuring a Social Media Team” details findings from a Ragan/ NASDAQ OMX Corporate Solutions survey on social media marketing. The survey recorded responses from 2,714 communicators, marketers and public relations pros at for-profit corporations, nonprofit organizations and government agencies. The results provide some interesting insights into how organizations are approaching social media.

Social Media Efforts Across Organizations

Today, we look at a sampling of stats from the “Structuring a Social Media Team” report answering key questions about social media marketing across organizations.

Do you have a team of people who work exclusively on social media?

65% of organizations have added social marketing to the list of tasks assigned to marketing communications professionals

27% employ someone who focuses exclusively on social media

5% use BOTH an internal department and an agency/partner

3% of organizations outsource ALL of their social media efforts

Which best describes your social media efforts—beginner, intermediate or advanced?

65% say they are intermediate, meaning they use social media regularly but have more to learn and accomplish

23% describe themselves as beginners (or newbies) to social media

13% say their social efforts are an advanced, well-run machine

What are your organization’s social media goals?

87% cite increasing brand awareness as a top social media goal

62% cite boosting Web traffic

61% cite improving the organization’s reputation

45% cite generating leads

Social Marketing Still Gaining Steam

While different organizations are taking different approaches to how they set up their social teams, allocate their budgets and focus their social marketing, almost all organizations are placing increased priority on social media and online marketing efforts than in years prior. 36% of organizations said they expect their social media budgets to rise in 2013. All this points to a greater recognition of the power of social media, and a greater commitment to use it as a marketing tool—even if organizations are still finding their way through the process.

You can download the entire “Structuring a Social Media Team” report here.