3 Attributes That Make Every Marketing Effort More Effective

By eleventy marketing group

Old WestEver watch a movie set in the Old West? You see a landscape filled with open space. There are only a few buildings in town. If there are any signs, they state simple messages like General Store or Saloon. It’s a mostly quiet place. Quiet enough you take notice when tumbleweed rolls by or a stranger rides into town. It’s a much different world.

Nowadays, everything is packed tight. We fight to fill every inch and every moment. Endless successions of billboards flash messages. TVs, tablets, laptops and smartphones vie for our eyes and ears. Even during moments of “relaxation”, we’re inundated with information. The body may be at rest, but the mind is always in motion.

In our increasingly packed landscape, it’s extremely difficult to find an open space or a quiet moment to connect with consumers. That’s why you have to carve out a space and give people a compelling reason to push all the noise aside. In frontier terms: You have to wrangle them in.

Three Key Attributes of Effective Marketing

Whenever you’re launching a new marketing effort, here is a simple checklist to gauge the likelihood your efforts will reach their intended audience. Go down the list and check if your campaign or initiative incorporates these all-important attributes. If it does, your chances of finding measurable success increase exponentially.

✔ Intelligence

Is your marketing based on intelligence? Have you collected and analyzed data to find out who you are speaking to? Do you know where they live, how old they are, and what things are important to them? Do you know what causes they support and what products they like to buy? Effective marketing must always begin with intelligence. You need to know who you’re talking to before you initiate communication. And you must use that information to speak directly and personally to your audience.

✔ Creativity

Could you pick your marketing out of a lineup? More importantly, would you? If your website, video or mail piece were placed next to the efforts of your competitors, would yours stand out? Does your marketing do, say or look like something different? Does it instantly grab you with its design, message or ingenuity? If it doesn’t, it will fall in with all the other clutter and noise out there and fade away. Make sure your marketing separates itself from the competition and provides a truly unique experience.

✔ Interaction

Does your marketing invite people to get involved and take action? Does it give them an easy way to learn more, ask questions, leave comments or share with friends? Even if it’s a mail piece or a brochure, there should be an associated website, landing page or social media page where people can further engage. Marketing is no longer a one-way street, so make sure all your efforts are interactive. Give people an easy and convenient way to get involved and insert themselves into the conversation.

Open Up a New Frontier for Your Marketing

When you do these three things in your marketing—and do them well—you blaze the trail to success. On the flip side: If you fail to incorporate these attributes, leave one out or only do them minimally, you put your marketing on a bumpy road that will ultimately lead to a dead end. In a world packed to the brim with messaging, information and noise, you have to corral your customers/donors to a quiet spot and initiate a conversation. Once you do that, the marketing frontier opens up—offering you more open eyes and ears, and increased opportunities for future success.

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