5 Statistics Revealing the Value and Power of Social Giving

By eleventy marketing group

Online Fundraising and Social Giving should be top priorities for nonprofits in 2013The Internet has changed everything for charities, philanthropies and nonprofits. Social media, in particular, has impacted the way donors share, influence and give.

Recently, Ashley Halligan over at Software Advice published a blog post with her 2013 nonprofit outlook. There’s a lot of interesting information in Ashley’s post, but one area was of particular interest to us: Social Giving. We thought we’d pass along some social giving stats from her post, which illustrate how social media impacted giving in 2012.

The Increase and Influence of Social Giving

Here’s what Ashley had to say about the social giving outlook for nonprofit organizations in the coming year:

“Recent research conducted by MDG Advertising showed that 2012 was a ‘very good year’ for social giving. These numbers seem indicative of a growing trend that’ll continue in 2013.”

She went on to share these significant statistics about social giving for nonprofits:

98% of nonprofits used Facebook in 2012

$214.81 is the calculated value of a single Facebook “Like” over the course of 12 months

$3.50 is the cost of earning that “Like”

68% of people said they’d learn about a charity if a friend posted about it on social media site

39% said they would donate to the cause

Make Online Fundraising a Key Focus in 2013

These statistics support a couple of things we talk about regularly on this blog:

(1) online giving will continue to gain impact and importance as we move into the future; and

(2) the power of social sharing and social media can be huge advantages when used effectively for nonprofit fundraising.

Make sure your nonprofit is focusing on online fundraising and social giving as key components of your overall fundraising strategy. Get in the game now and carve out a prominent place in the online space. If you wait too long to make social giving a top priority, you may quickly find your nonprofit falling behind the fundraising curve.

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