7 Modern Marketing Mistakes and How Your Organization Can Avoid Them

By eleventy marketing group

Avoid the negative impact of these seven common marketing mistakesA good deal of marketing involves trial and error. Organizations test, see what gets a response and develop best practices from there. The key is to find what works and optimize it for maximum effectiveness and ROI. With new technology and data tracking, pinpointing what’s working (and what’s not) is now easier than ever before.

Still, history has a way of repeating itself. And the marketing world is no different. Despite all the collected and shared marketing knowledge out there, many businesses and nonprofits continue to make the same mistakes. In today’s post, we hope to draw your attention to some of these all-too-common marketing missteps.

Are You Making These Seven Marketing Mistakes?

Here are a handful of common marketing mistakes many organizations are making and some quick tips on how you can avoid them:

1. NOT targeting your efforts by audience and channel

These days, people have many options when it comes to how they communicate and engage with brands. As a result, organizations need to know who they are trying to reach and what channel to reach them through. Most organizations don’t know this. If you don’t know your audience and what channel they prefer, it’s unlikely your message is hitting its target.

Tip: Make an effort to collect channel preference information from your customers. Use those preferences to drive your communications moving forward. You can even use channel to help determine what message you send.

2. NOT placing enough value on your website

While almost all organizations have websites, most don’t truly understand the power and value a website holds. For many people, your website is their first exposure to your organization. If they don’t like what they see, it will send them running scared. Too many business and nonprofit websites are poorly designed, difficult to navigate and terribly written.

Tip: Ask a few unbiased people for their opinions on your organization’s website. Find out if the design draws them in; if they can find the info they’re looking for; if your message is communicated effectively. If it’s not, it’s time for a redesign.

3. NOT having a strong social media presence

After years of resistance, most organizations now have a social media presence. The problem is many businesses and nonprofits don’t have a strong and consistent social presence. They don’t effectively echo the mission and services of the organization. They don’t post regularly. They don’t provide their followers with information they find interesting or valuable.

Tip: Make sure your social pages reflect your brand message, and your social content focuses on your audience (rather than your organization). If you don’t have the time or personnel available, you may want to focus on optimizing a single social network.

4. NOT integrating your multichannel marketing efforts

Most organizations know the importance of incorporating different channels in their marketing. They understand that mail, phone, Web, etc. can be effective in reaching different audiences. But most organizations are still not effectively integrating the channels together. They are not giving people a consistent and flowing message and experience across channels.

Tip: For your next multichannel marketing campaign, give all your pieces a consistent, look, feel and message. Make it easy for people to jump to a different channel depending on their preference (for example, from a mail piece to the Web).

5. NOT giving your customers a way to interact online

The Web is no longer just about finding and consuming information. It’s about being part of the conversation. People want to share their thoughts and likes. They want to tell friends what they’re buying and the causes they’re supporting. They want to be involved. Too few organizations are providing customers with a platform for brand interaction.

Tip: Make it easy, convenient and beneficial for people to represent your brand and share your information with friends and family. There are affordable software options available that can help you in this area—including eleventy’s own ONCORE system.

6. NOT providing your audience valuable content

People use the Web to find information. When they encounter a problem or a question they can’t answer, they jump on Google. Your organization has the chance to provide an answer. Every organization has expertise in some area. You should be sharing your knowledge with the online world. Too many organizations are not.

Tip: Does your organization have a blog? If not, you should start one up immediately. Post regularly on topics and questions related to what your organization does that your target audience may be interested in reading.

7. NOT collecting and applying data to your marketing

Despite all the big data buzz, most organizations still lag behind when it comes to using data for marketing. It’s understandable—data collection, analysis and application require significant investment. But finding ways (big or small) to use data to more effectively speak to individual customers and donors should be a top marketing priority for every organization moving forward.

Tip: Start small. Target a marketing effort by simple data points like location, gender, family status, or past purchases/donations, for example. Take what you know about your customers and use it to drive your message. Build from there.

Take Steps to Avoid These Marketing Pitfalls

Typically, these mistakes are made because organizations lack the necessary time, personnel or resources. If you don’t have the expertise to get the most out of your marketing in-house, trying looking outside for help. If you lack the budget to bring on additional marketing help, then consider focusing on one or two key efforts and work to do them exceptionally well (rather than doing many marketing efforts poorly).

Like anything else, marketing takes practice and persistence to get it right. Use the knowledge and resources around you to maximize the effectiveness of your efforts. Take the steps necessary to avoid repeating these common marketing mistakes.

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