2 Important Nonprofit Updates on Online Giving and Google Grants

By eleventy marketing group

Important Nonprofit Updates on Online Giving and Google GrantsAt eleventy, we work with a lot of nonprofits. As a result, a good 50% of our blog content is devoted to nonprofit marketing. Anyone who frequents this blog knows we regularly discuss the growing power of online giving in nonprofit fundraising. We also recently published a post discussing Google Grants that received a lot of traffic and buzz.

Today, we’ll revisit these topics and provide some additional and updated information on them for our nonprofit readers.

Online Giving Hits a High Note in 2013

Some new numbers show online giving is off to a hot start in 2013. The Nonprofit Times recently reported: “Online giving soared 13.7% amid a 3.6% spike in overall giving during this past January compared with the same time period in 2012.”

Further breaking down the numbers, The Nonprofit Times went on to say that small, medium and large nonprofit organizations all saw double-digit increases in online giving in January 2013 compared with the previous year.

Increases in Online Giving in January 2013

16.9% – Medium Organizations

12.7% – Small Nonprofits

11.2% – Large Charities

While it’s not surprising to see an increase in the numbers (online giving rates have been consistently rising for years), it is surprising to see such big jump year over year. An increase in overall giving during this period may partially account for the rise. But individuals and organizations also may just be adopting online giving at a faster rate. The increase in social fundraising could also play a role in the surge in online gifts.

No matter what the reasons, the bottom line for nonprofits is this: If you have not yet stepped up your online fundraising efforts and placed a greater focus on online giving, it’s time to make it a top priority.

Nonprofit Thoughts on Using Google Grants

We knew Google Grants were a topic of interest to our nonprofit readers. But we may have underestimated what a hot topic this is—and how many nonprofits are still unfamiliar with the Grants program. Our recent blog post on the basics of Google Grants (explaining how nonprofits can get $10,000 a month in free online ads from Google), received thousands of hits and sparked conversation across the Web.

A recent discussion in the LinkedIn Nonprofit Professionals Forum about our post and the Grants program was particularly interesting. Many professionals posted about how their organizations have received and used Google Grants. Here’s an excerpt:

Has anyone received Google Grants for free Google ads? Thoughts?

“Yes I did – $100,000. The Eastern Michigan University assigned it to a student group project. The students work with the Prof to optimize my ads.”

“I did as well. I think it is $10,000 per month. If you have great success with it you can go back later and request $40,000 per month.”

“Yes, it’s a great program, no reason not to apply.”

“I did it three years ago and they gave me 3 weeks of training, plus $10K per month and it is still working.”

For those of you looking for some feedback from people who have used the program, here you go. There are more comments posted in the forum, so check it out. You have to be a member of this LinkedIn group to view the discussion, but if you’re a nonprofit professional it’s definitely worth joining (there are always informative discussions going on in this group).

Hopefully, these are some valuable updates for the nonprofit professionals out there. As always: If you have any questions about these topics, feel free to post them in the comments below or send us a quick email at eleventy.