5 All-Time Most Popular Blog Posts from Eleventy Marketing Group

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Check out our Top 5 Marketing Blog Posts of All TimeIt’s celebration time over here at eleventy marketing group. Just what are we clanking glasses and toasting to? The 50th post in the history of the eleventy blog! For the past year and a half—week after week—we’ve been posting valuable marketing news and insights for businesses and nonprofits.

We figured what better way to celebrate this tremendous milestone than by counting down our most popular blog posts of all time? These are the posts that collected the most views, comments and social shares.

Top Five Eleventy Marketing Posts

Take a walk down memory lane with us by discovering or revisiting the valuable statistics and marketing insights found in our most popular posts…


How Your Nonprofit Organization Can Better Engage and Activate Millennials

The 2012 Millennial Impact Report provided a lot of great information and opened a lot of nonprofit eyes to the potential value of younger generations (traditionally largely ignored in nonprofit marketing). This post used insights from the report to offer suggestions on how nonprofits can reach out to Millennials and leverage their contributions for increased success. Read our Millennial engagement post now.


5 Mobile Marketing Statistics Every Business Needs to Know

With the mobile explosion upon us, every organization now needs to stop and think: How does mobile fit into my marketing strategy? The millions of handheld glowing screens surrounding us can be a key connector between company and customer. This post presents a handful of stats showing just how big mobile has become—and why it’s so important to your business. Check out our mobile marketing post.


5 Statistics Explaining Why Marketers Are Still Behind the Curve on Data Marketing

Thanks to the vast amount of data out there, businesses and nonprofits can now reach customers and donors more effectively and efficiently than ever before. Unfortunately, there’s so much data that many organizations can’t quite keep up. This posts from late September looks at some key areas of data marketing where companies are coming up short. Take a look at our data marketing post.


3 Things Every Nonprofit Needs to Know About Google Grants

This post published in early March looks at a great free gift awaiting nonprofits on the Web: Google Grants. Through the Google Grants program, nonprofits can get $10,000 a month in free online advertising. In this heavily trafficked post, we explain what Google Grants are, how your nonprofit can take advantage of this program, and the benefits of Google Grants for your organization. Get the scoop on Google Grants.


4 Notable Statistics About Direct Marketing Response Rates

Month after month, this post from summer 2012 continues to attract interest from readers. In the post, we look at some key takeaways from the 2012 Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Response Rate Report. These statistics offer important insights on the pros and cons of using the different marketing channels, and how they can be used most effectively. View our direct marketing response rate post.

That’s it for our 50th blog post—looking forward to the next 50! Remember to check in at the eleventy blog each and every week for more marketing news and insights.

Thanks for reading!