24 Tips for Better Reaching People on the Six Major Social Networks

By eleventy marketing group

Social Media is like a Rubik's cube - organization need to get it right to make it click with your audienceJust when you think the social world can’t get any bigger, new stats emerge proving you wrong. Social media keeps on growing and expanding. That massive reach is why social media remains an essential communication venue for any and every organization.

Marketing is all about being where the people are; and people are on social networks. For marketers, social media is like a Rubik’s cube—you’re constantly working to line up the pieces to click with your target audience.

Hopefully the stats and tips in this week’s post will help you make the right moves to find social success.

Current Stats & Posting Tips for the Top 6 Social Media Sites

To better reach people through social media, you have to know the audiences on each network and how they interact with brands in that space. Business2Community recently published a post with dozens of stats from various sources showing the current size and scope of social media.

Here is a greatest hits version of that collection, along with tips on using the various social sites more effectively:


1.11 billion active Facebook users worldwide

62% of consumers follow brands on Facebook for product news and information

1 p.m. is the best time to post on Facebook to earn shares

100-119 characters is the ideal Facebook post length for engagement


400 million tweets are published on Twitter every day

6 brands is the average number followed by a Twitter user

1-3 p.m. is the best time to post on Twitter to get clicks

1-4 tweets is the ideal amount per hour for a brand


200 million active LinkedIn members in 200 countries worldwide

35% of LinkedIn users access the site daily

77% of members research branded products or services on LinkedIn

2.6 million brands worldwide have a LinkedIn company page


343 million estimated active users of Google+

5 billion times per day the Google +1 button is used

75% of Fortune 100 companies are now on Google+

30% of brand term searches for brands with G+ pages show Google+ pages in search results


80% of Pinterest users are women, and 50% have children

1 hour, 17 minutes is the length of the average visit on Pinterest

70% more money is spent by Pinterest referrals than other social media referrals

9.3 retail companies is the average number followed by U.S. consumers who use Pinterest


100 million monthly active users on Instagram

28% of U.S. Internet users ages 18-29 use Instagram

35% increase in Instagram engagement with the top 100 brands, driven mostly by Nike, Adidas and Gucci

41% of brands that use Instagram post at least one photo per week