9 Numbers Showing Email Marketing Is Alive, Well and Effective

By eleventy marketing group

The 2013 Q1 Email Benchmark Study shows email marketing holding steady across the boardAh, email. Once a revolutionary means of communication, it’s now settled comfortably—like mail, phone, texting and social media—into a supporting role within our multichannel messaging routines. Email has become a standard part of our everyday lives, which is both good and bad for marketers. Good because people are always checking their email; bad because it’s a lot harder to stand out in someone’s inbox.

Still, email remains a vital marketing staple that can deliver results when used effectively. A recent study from Experian reveals email open rates and clicks are holding steady when compared with the same time last year. In today’s post, we’ll slide our magnifying glass over some insightful results from the email benchmark study.

The Experian 2013 Q1 Email Benchmark Study details overall email marketing trends for the first quarter of 2013, as well as key performance indicators that have shaped the success of Experian client email programs. Click here to view the full 2013 Q1 Email Benchmark Study.

Results from the 2013 Email Benchmark Study:

Email volume rose by 11.6% in Q1 2013 compared to Q1 2012

Unique open rates were up year-over-year by 9.7%

Unique click rates matched those seen in Q1 2012

Total and unique click rates rose by just over 8% in Q1 2013 compared to Q4 2012

Revenue per email held steady year-over-year at $0.12

Consumer Products and Services had a strong quarter, with almost all metrics matching or ahead of Q1 2012

59% of Consumer Products and Services brands had statistically significant increases in unique clicks in Q1 2013, while 53% had statistically significant increases in unique opens

Although overall transaction rates declined in Q1 2013, 51% of brands had statistically significant increases in transaction rates this quarter compared to Q1 2012

Multichannel Retailers had the highest gain in volume as 70% of brands increased mailings in Q1 2013

Making Your Email More Effective Moving Forward

As the results from Experian 2013 Q1 Email Benchmarks Study show, email is NOT—as many have postulated lately—in a state of decline. Email marketing continues to be a valuable tool for businesses and nonprofits, producing consistent and cost-efficient results. Best of all, email marketing gives you the opportunity to test, tweak and continually improve your efforts.

Quick Email Marketing Tips

  • Brand your email – Make sure your email contains easily recognizable brand imaging and messaging
  • Make it scannable – Use bullets, short paragraphs and call outs to make your email quickly digestible
  • Keep your call to action simple – Stick with a single, clear action for the user to take and make it easy to execute
  • Don’t go overboard with images – If you use too many images, you increase the chances your email will not display properly or get marked as spam
  • Spend time on your subject – A lot more people will read your subject line than your email, so make it intriguing and appealing