Eleventy Director of Interactive Media Featured on Fundraising Success Blog

By eleventy marketing group

In a recent post on the Navigating Off the Napkin blog at FundRaising Success, the blog’s author, eleventy’s vice president of strategy and development Angie Moore, explored the strange phenomenon of marketers declaring the demise of the different marketing channels. You’ve probably seen a thousand posts and articles posing the question “Is direct mail dead?” Now many are asking the same question about email.

Angie asked eleventy marketing group’s director of interactive media Patrick Jebber to share his professional opinion on the health of email marketing. As someone who regularly works in the realm of email, Patrick made some good points on the subject.

Patrick Jebber

Here are Patrick’s thoughts on the “death of email”:

“The short answer: In my opinion, there is too much information out there that says otherwise. I think statements like this are used to scare marketers and create chaos. People everywhere use email as the central repository for their digital life.

Some say social media has cannibalized the email communications industry. But the opposite is true; it has helped it flourish. Show me a social channel that doesn’t use email as a way of communicating with its users. There always needs to be a central hub for communicating, and e-mail still plays the part. Plus, email is so ingrained in our daily lives, it couldn’t be anywhere near death.

A recent study asked consumers which channel they prefer for receiving permission-based promotional messages, reports Janelle Johnson in an article at MarketingProfs. A whopping 77 percent said email. No other channel even scored in the double digits. Another study by Good Technology found 50 percent of American respondents admitted to routinely sending work email in bed.

Others argue that mobile computing has changed the way we communicate. Some even argue that smartphones and tablets have hurt the email industry. I’m not sure where they’re getting their numbers, but small business owners actually embrace new technology to help them more effectively communicate with email. A recent report from Constant Contact shows of those small business owners using mobile devices, 73 percent said they use their phones or tablets to conduct social-media marketing, and 71 percent said they use their devices to conduct email marketing.

There may be other channels to communicate with your customers, clients, donors and constituents, but email marketing is still by far the best, far-reaching and deeply ingrained digital channel.”

Well said, Patrick. You can read Angie’s full blog post at FundraisingSuccess.com. Check it out, and feel free to share your own thoughts of the strength of email as a marketing tool by commenting below.

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