3 Valuable Marketing Resources To Check Out This Week

By eleventy marketing group

Get the latest marketing news to help your business or nonprofit better reach your audienceIt’s that time of year again. We’re halfway through 2013, and we’re starting to see more and more results from studies of 2012 marketing numbers coming to light. That means more valuable insights are now available to help you shift your strategy and adjust your efforts moving forward.

Today, we share a trio of links to recent articles and posts from around the Web providing interesting statistics on direct mail, online fundraising and social media.

Three Stories to Expand Your Marketing Mind

Check out these stories exploring different facets of marketing to build your professional brainpower and help you better reach your audience…

Traditional Direct Mail Statistics

This article from the Business & Entreprenuership section of azcentral.com takes a look at  some recent stats and response rates for direct mail. With so much of the conversation focused on digital marketing these days, this article states “several direct mail statistics underscore its continued importance in the marketing mix.”

Among the stats included here are the fact that “in 2012 the average response rate for direct mail was 4.4 percent for both business to business and business to consumer mailings” and “for every 16 pieces of direct mail marketing received, adults receive about 1 personal or business envelope.”

View more direct mail statistics on azcentral.com

Online Donations To Nonprofits Increased 14 Percent In 2012, New Study Says

This article from the The Huffington Post explores a number of new studies that show online giving on the rise. The article quotes Julie Taylor of the Seattle Children’s Hospital Foundation, who told The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently: “Giving online is just where people are these days. That’s how they’re comfortable giving now.”

The article references a number of different online giving stats (it even references eleventy marketing group and links to one of our recent blog posts). It also states this figure: “Wondering how much people are giving at a pop? According to a March report, the average online contribution was $146, a $14 increase over 2011.”

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Social Media May Soon Drive More Traffic to Your Website Than Search Engines

This post from Entreprenuer.com examining an increase in social search and discovery states: “While most people in the U.S. still use traditional search engines such as Google to find what they’re looking for online, users—especially younger ones—are increasingly discovering websites by way of social networks.”

The post goes on to reference a Forester Research report that provides this notable stat: “Overall, social networks like Facebook and Twitter are the preferred means of discovery for nearly a third of all Americans, up from 18 percent in 2010.”

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