6 Steps Your Company Can Take To Increase Online Lead Generation

By eleventy marketing group

Use these digital marketing strategies to generate more high-quality online leadsThe Web is a great place to find and foster new leads for your business. People turn to the Internet for information. When we have a question, we go to Google for the answer. Consumers don’t just use the Web to search—they use it to research. That’s why the Web has such high marketing value: It exists at the intersection of companies looking to reach new customers and people looking for solutions to their problems.

So how can your company drive that intersection online? How can you help lead consumers to your organization so you have the opportunity to introduce them to your product or service? Today, we’ll give you some tips for using digital marketing to draw high-quality leads to your company.

How To Generate More Quality Online Leads

The key to attracting more (and better) online leads is to give people what they want: Information. You have to help them find the answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. If you can do that, your digital marketing will essentially work for itself. Here are a few proven lead generation tactics to help you get started:

STEP #1—Create Informative Content

Content marketing is a great way to reach people and introduce them to your organization. Rather than push your product, strive to inform people. Find out what potential customers want to know before they make a purchase, and provide that information. Say they want to know what’s the best HDTV available on the market. Write an article describing your top 10 picks. Say they want to know how making a home solar-powered works. Give them content that explains the process. In finding answers to their questions, customers will also discover your company.

STEP #2—Launch a Resource Website

If you have the time and resources available, you can take the tactic above one step further by creating a full website devoted to exploring your topic. Fill your resource website site with regular articles and news updates. Have a place where people can submit requests for additional information. Since they are interested in your topic and your content, these will generally be high-quality leads. If you consistently post useful information, over time your website will become a lead magnet—with new leads coming right to your door.

STEP #3—Optimize for Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great way to help people find your content—and your company. As we mentioned, Google is a primary resource for research before making a purchase. When people search your topic, draw them to your content (whether it’s on your website, blog or a separate site).

Make sure your content includes relevant keywords. For example, when researching home security maybe a lot of people are searching “home security camera systems”. You can use that insight to create articles like “How to choose a home security camera system” or “Options for installing home security camera systems”. Put key terms in URLs, throughout articles and in your meta data to increase your SEO power.

Quick Tip: You can find commonly searched terms for a topic using the Google AdWords: Keyword Tool.

STEP #4—Test Out Paid Search

Another way to drive people to your lead generation website is through paid search. For those who don’t know, paid search is online advertising on search engines like Google. (Learn more about paid search by reading this blog post). While SEO takes time to work effectively, paid search can kick in a little quicker—immediately driving leads to your site. Of course, you have to pay for it (hence the term “paid search”). That means you will have to establish an online advertising budget. But, when done effectively, paid search can drive a lot of eyes to your site.

STEP #5—Offer Answers On Social

Yet another way to drive people to your content and introduce them to your organization is by using social media. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest are places where consumers share ideas and recommendations, or even search for information. That makes social media a great place to show your expertise and provide people answers. For example, you could set up a Facebook page where you allow people to submit questions they have about your topic and you answer them. You can also set up general social pages (not company branded) devoted exclusively to your topic, where people can share links and have discussions.

STEP #6—Nurture Leads Via Email

Give people the option to sign up for email updates through your website. This can act as a pre-lead step, giving consumers the ability to gradually learn more before making a purchasing decision. It also keeps your company on their radar (and in their inbox). In every email or e-newsletter you send, include a link where people can request more information. For people who have requested information and not taken action, you can use email to follow-up or attempt to re-spark their interest.

Enhance Your Presence To Increase Intake

All these tactics are intended to increase your Web presence, display your expertise in your particular area and, ultimately, draw in high-quality leads. At any given moment, there are people online searching for information about a product and service just like yours. Maybe even looking for a company just like yours. Make a proactive, targeted effort to increase the likelihood they will find your company on the Web and you will see a definite increase in your online lead intake.

Looking to give your online lead generation a boost? Start a conversation with eleventy today and find out how we can help you bring in more high-quality online leads.