5 Powerful Tips To Differentiate Your Lead Generation Website

By eleventy marketing group

Follow these tips to generate online leads for your business around the clockIf there’s one place you always know people are, it’s on the Internet. Any time of day, around the world, millions of people are browsing the Web. It’s the store that never closes. That means there are always a plethora of potential leads out there.

Problem is, you are not alone. A lot of other organizations are producing lead generation websites filled with content designed to pull people in and introduce them to their services, products or causes. While the online world is crowded with potential leads, it’s also crowded with competing organizations.

So how can you make your lead gen site and content stand out? In today’s post, we’ll give you some tips for differentiating your lead generation website from your competitors so you can attract more high-quality online leads.

Five Ways To Generate More Online Leads

By following these essential tips, you can craft a lead generation website that will resonate with consumers—and give you a leg up over the competition:

1. Define Your Audience

It’s the first thing you should do and still many organizations and marketers don’t. Huge mistake. Especially on the Web when you’re trying to reach the researchers, searchers and browsers. Knowing who your audience is will help you know what they are looking for so you can give them what they want.

Do the legwork. Get demographic information on your audience. Find out how old they are, what they value, whether they have kids, what causes they support, what websites they frequent, how the communicate, what products they buy. The more information you have on your audience, the better you can speak to their needs.

2. Don’t Be Cookie Cutter

There’s a ton of sites out there designed to collect consumer information and do nothing more. They don’t look informational or interesting. They all look the same. And guess what? Consumers are catching on. They can recognize a subpar or “sales” website in an instant and they immediately click away.

Design your lead generation site not just to collect leads but to be a functioning, useful website. Give it a unique look—more in line with a news website than a generic landing page. Spend time crafting a site that provides a trustworthy appearance and an ideal user experience. Go out of your way to prevent the quick click away.

3. Provide Valuable Information

Don’t just fill pages with keywords, create content of value for potential customers. Enlighten them with information and resources they can actually use. Your content will determine how much time people spend on your site and if they feel comfortable giving you their contact information.

Find out what people are searching for about your topic. Go to Google and do some test searches on your topic to see what turns up. Use those results to brainstorm your own article ideas. Or use your existing customers to find out what questions they had when they were researching. Create content that provides the answers.

4. Don’t Be Pushy

People love to use the Web as a research tool before making a purchase or engaging with an organization because it’s “hand’s off”. It’s not like walking into a store or calling to speak with a representative. There’s no pushing or selling with online research, it’s an individual activity. Don’t ruin that for people.

Yes, your goal is to collect leads. But on the Web, you want that to happen organically. You want to lay the information out for them, establish your knowledge and expertise, and let them take action. If your content or design push too much to get their information, they will be gone in a click.

5. Make Sign Up Easy

While you don’t want to over-assault users with pop-up forms and constant sales messages, you do want to make it as easy as possible for them to submit their contact information. You want them to always be aware they can request more information at any time, and you’re happy to help them out.

Having a box letting them know they can request more information on every page of your lead generation site (usually in the sidebar) is ideal. Don’t ask for too much. Really, an email address is all you need to start. If you push right away for an address—and especially a phone number—you may scare a lot of good leads away.

Separate Yourself from the Sea of Mediocrity

We’ve all seen the “Web junk” that’s floating around the Internet. We’ve all clicked on a promising link in Google results only to arrive at a information-starved site that wants us to fill out a form and nothing more. And we’ve all clicked away from those sites.

Don’t take online consumers for fools. They’re not. Make your lead generation website something of value. Invest it with good design and strong content. When you do that, you’ll notice your online lead intake increasing and your site becoming more self-sufficient. And that will really give you a leg up over the competition.

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