10 Ways To Get A Bigger Bang From Your Blog

By eleventy marketing group

Follow these steps to get more bang from your blogAt this point, every organization (business and nonprofit) should have a blog. There’s really no better way to put your professional expertise on display in the online world and drive traffic to your website. Essentially, blogs are the “content glue” that connects organizations focused on specific areas with consumers interested in those areas.

So if you don’t have a blog, we highly recommend you set one up immediately. But launching your blog is only the first hurdle. Where many organizations really get tripped up is producing the consistent content to keep your blog running strong six months, or even six years, after launch.

If that sounds like your organization, don’t worry—we’re here to help. In today’s post, we’ll provide some tips and tricks to keep your blog content churning all the way to the finish line.

Ten Tips To Become A Better Blogger Today

Here are a handful of blog management best practices to keep your posts continually rolling so you can get the most out of your business blog:

1. Be Consistent

Whether you post once a month, once a week or once an hour, aim for consistency. Create a general posting pattern your readers can follow. If you have four blog posts developed, it’s better to post one a week for four weeks than four in one week and none for the next three weeks.

2. Start Blogstorming

Blog ideas tend to come in waves—a ton one month and none the next. That’s why it’s important to keep a list. Schedule regular brainstorming sessions with co-workers and write down as many blog topics as possible. That will help keep the well of ideas from running dry.

3. Make Lists

People love list posts because they make a quick and easy read. They are easier to write too. Just think of a topic you want to write about, and list out the key thoughts you want to share. Go through and expand briefly on each thought and—presto!—you have a blog post. (FYI – the post you’re reading right now is a list post).

4. Expect Time

Even after you have your blog posts written, don’t underestimate the amount of time it takes to post them. Account for editing, adding and optimizing images, formatting and inputting meta data. You’ll get quicker at these tasks as time goes on, but this aspect of blogging will almost always take more time than you expect.

5. Include Images

The Web is becoming more and more visual. Whether it’s a stock photo, chart or infographic, be sure to inject your blog posts with some sort of visual element. Along with making your posts more appealing to readers, this will also make your posts more enticing when you link to them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and other social media sites.

6. Introduce Features

A good (and easy) way to keep your posting consistent is to incorporate regular features like “Story of the Month” or “Tuesday Tip”. The basic idea here is to come up with a feature you can easily write content for each month or every week. The best way to ensure you keep your posts coming is to make the process as easy as possible.

7. Get Shorter

Remember, people are bombarded with online content these days. Keep your blog posts short and focused on a single idea. This will depend on the style of your blog, but an overall good rule of thumb is between 500-800 words (or about a single page in Microsoft Word).

8. Think Everyday

Facing a challenge in your work? That’s a blog idea. Read an interesting news story or a compelling statistic? That’s a blog idea. Keep your eyes open for all the topics that pepper your professional life. It can be something as simple as a solution you found to a problem or a conversation you had about an article with a co-worker.

9. Bring Backup

The more people you can bring in to help with your blog, the better. Get a few reliable co-workers to write a post once a month so the load isn’t always on your shoulders. And if you’re not confident in your writing ability, there’s no shame in getting some outside writing/editing assistance to maintain your blog quality and consistency.

10. Don’t Sweat

You can easily spend hours editing, formatting and generally nitpicking every blog post. Don’t. Sure you want your blog to look polished, but don’t get too caught up in chasing perfection. Just like a daily newspaper, there’s bound to be the occasional mistake. The beauty of the Web is you can always go back and make changes later.

Persistence and Promotion Are Keys to Blogging Success

The most important thing about a business blog is keeping it active and engaging. Stick to topics related to your area of expertise, always remember to share and promote your blog posts, and just keep posting. Ultimately, those are the essential ingredients to a successful business blog. And while it may take some time (months, maybe even years), you will get faster and more efficient at managing your blog over time.

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