The Latest On The Loss Of Google Keywords & The Future Of SEO

By eleventy marketing group

The Latest On Google Keywords & The Future Of SEOBy now, you’ve probably noticed “not provided” turning up more frequently in the keyword results of your website analytics. In an effort to find out where your keywords have gone, you may even have done a Google search—and discovered the culprit was none other than Google itself. 

It’s been about a month since Google pulled the rug from under the SEO world by announcing all searches would become private and they would no longer provide keyword results. We talked about this significant change from the search giant on the eleventy blog when it was announced, and we’ve received a lot of questions about it since.

Today, we wanted to follow up by looking at how marketers, organizations and industries are adjusting to the disappearance of Google keywords—and how this change will continue to impact the future of SEO.

Exploring the Evolution of SEO Without Google Keywords

Here are some recents thoughts, information and insights about the wave of online marketing change sweeping over organizations with the loss of Google keyword results:

10 Resources to Help You Get Your Google Keywords Back

While you can’t completely replace the great keyword information we used to get from Google, you can take other actions to fill the keyword void. This article from Business 2 Community includes links to 10 different sites where you can find alternative forms of keyword information. From Alexa and Bing Webmaster Tools to Compete and Keyword Eye, these suggestions may help you find useful ways to work around your lost keyword results. Read more.

How to Use Pay Per Click (PPC) to Guide Your SEO Strategy

While Google may only be giving us “not provided” in our keyword search results, they are still providing keyword data to companies using PPC advertising (through Google AdWords). That means there is still a way to get keyword data from Google—you just have to pay for it. This article from Search Engine Watch tells you how you can use PPC keyword data to help guide your SEO strategy moving forward. Check it out.

We Just Started Our SEO Efforts and Don’t Have Deep Pockets—What Now?

This post from Angie Moore’s FundRaising Success blog looks at how the keyword change from Google is impacting (and will continue to impact) the nonprofit industry.  Angie discusses the challenges the lack of organic keywords will create for nonprofits, and also briefly touches on the use of Google Grants (which is essentially free Google PPC advertising for nonprofits). If you’re a nonprofit professional or fundraiser, there’s some interesting insights here. Take a look.

How Google and ‘Not Provided’ Keywords Will Force Marketers to Innovate

While the end of Google keyword results as we have knew (and loved) them has thrown a wrench into traditional SEO efforts, it’s also caused marketers and SEO professionals to do some thinking. Forced into the keyword corner, marketers now have to revise their approaches. In that way, this article from ClickZ posits the change may not be an entirely bad thing. Oftentimes a shakeup like this leads to more creativity and innovation. Give it a go.

Navigating New SEO Waters, Beyond Google Keyword Results

Like any major shift in marketing or communications, the abrupt departure of Google keywords will require a period of adjustment for business and nonprofits. Knowing what terms people search to get to your site is an incredibly valuable resource, and having them delivered to your fingertips directly from Google made life a whole lot easier. Alas, marketing is about resilience and adaptation. With the old way of identifying keywords fading into the sunset, it’s time to evolve and adapt your SEO strategy.

We’ll keep you updated on the continuing saga of Google, keyword results and the changing face of SEO. Check back regularly to eleventy marketing blog for updates.