51 Million Turkeys And More Terrifically Trivial Thanksgiving Trivia

By eleventy marketing group

That's right - it's a pumpkin pie chart!Here at the eleventy marketing blog, we love to dig into data, numbers and stats almost as much as we love to dig into Thanksgiving dinner. In honor of everyone’s favorite turkey-gobbling holiday, we decided to have a little fun today by crunching on some interesting (and bizarre) facts and stats about the all-day food fest known as Thanksgiving.

But just because the headline of this post has the word “trivial” in it, don’t think these figures lack weight and value. You can use these facts at the Thanksgiving dinner table to quiz, entertain and annoy your family and friends between first and second helpings of stuffing and potatoes.

12 Fascinating Figures To Feast On This Thanksgiving

Enjoy devouring these great Thanksgiving-themed facts and stats. Just think how cool you’ll sound as you rattle off your newfound knowledge of the largest pumpkin pie ever made…

51 Million

Total number of turkeys consumed on Thanksgiving day


Amount of annual U.S. turkey consumption that takes place from Thanksgiving to Christmas

$2.375 Billion

How much Americans will spend on food for Thanksgiving dinner

$14 Billion 

Amount Americans will spend on travel (gas, lodging, airfare, etc.) this Thanksgiving

43.4 Million

Number of Americans AAA estimates will be traveling on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving this year

2.42 Million

Number of Americans who will be in the air traveling the day before Thanksgiving

15 Million

Estimated number of Americans who will be eating out for Thanksgiving according to the National Restaurant Association

18 Million

Number of Americans who will be ordering all or part of their Thanksgiving meals from takeout


Number of tweet mentioning the phrase “Thanksgiving dinner”


The most-mentioned Thanksgiving side dish on social media

Green Beans

The most-pinned Thanksgiving side dish on Pinterest


The state responsible for the largest pumpkin pie ever baked (which measured 20 feet in diameter and weighed 3,699 pounds) – see pictures of it here

What We Can Learn From This Incredibly Important Information

The numbers tell us Thanksgiving is a great time to be with your family, take in some turkey, eat a piece of pumpkin pie (the larger the better), share some fun trivia with your fellow holidayers and enjoy a well-earned nap. And as we have learned time and time again, the numbers just don’t lie. Have a great Thanksgiving holiday from your friends at eleventy!  

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