13 New Nonprofit Numbers Detailing Overall Donations & Online Giving Growth In 2013

By eleventy marketing group

While overall giving to nonprofits has slowed, online giving once again saw a significant riseThe latest nonprofit fundraising numbers are in and—as has been the case for the past couple years—it’s a mixed bag. While overall giving increased over the same period last year, growth has slowed from last quarter. Still, there is a strong silver lining to these middle-of-the-road numbers: Online giving to nonprofits once again saw significant growth, continuing the trend we’ve seen for several years now.

In today’s post, we’ll dig a little deeper into these new nonprofit numbers—comparing this quarter’s overall giving growth with online giving growth for organizations of different sizes and across nonprofit sectors. We’ll also share some essential tips your nonprofit can incorporate in the coming months to take full advantage of the online giving boom.

Notable Numbers on Nonprofit Fundraising from Fall 2013

The NonProfit Times recently reported on the latest giving statistics comparing donations received in August, September and October 2013 with the same period last year (check out their post “Giving Increases At Slowest Rate This Year” to get the full story). In the meantime, we’ve isolated some key stats from the new nonprofit giving report:

2.3% increase in overall nonprofit giving for the three-month period ending October 2013 compared to the same period last year

9.9% increase in online giving this quarter compared with the same time in 2012

3.5% increase in overall giving to churches and faith-based organizations this quarter over last year

16.7% increase in online giving for churches and faith-based groups compared to the same time last year

Online giving also saw healthy growth in these nonprofit sectors:

10.9% environmental and animal welfare

10.8% K-12 education organizations

8.9% international affairs

7% overall giving increase for small nonprofit organizations (defined as organizations with annual fundraising revenue less than $1 million)

15% increase in online giving for small nonprofits

2.1% overall giving increase for large organizations (annual fundraising revenue more than $10 million)

7.7% increase in online giving for large nonprofits 

0.4% decrease in overall giving to medium nonprofit organizations (annual fundraising revenue $1-10 million)

11% increase in online giving to medium nonprofits

What These Numbers Mean for Nonprofits Moving Forward

This is the slowest growth rate of 2013 for both overall giving and online giving. The previous lows came in the period ending April 2013, which exhibited 2.6% overall growth compared to the same time in 2012 and a 10% increase in Web donations. The slow growth in overall donations is not significant enough for nonprofits to sound the alarm bell, but it certainly doesn’t exhibit the strong growth the industry was hoping for. Moving into the holiday season, giving numbers will see a big uptick. But just how big—especially into comparison last year—is the real question.

The key positive takeaway from this latest report remains the continued and consistent growth of online giving. Gifts to nonprofits via the Internet have been on the climb year over year—and undoubtedly this trend will continue as more and more people adopt the Web as a go-to means of making donations. The emergence of the Web as a top fundraising tool cannot be ignored, and nonprofit organizations need to make it a goal to be more assertive and proactive in embracing and promoting online giving this holiday season and moving into the New Year.

3 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Amp Up Your Online Giving in 2014:

Web Design – This is something you can check out right now. Is it easy to give on your nonprofit website? Can you immediately see a “donate” link from any page, and make a donation with a minimum of clicks and forms? Make sure your website and any landing pages you use are set up and designed to make online giving quick and convenient.

Direct Mail – Many nonprofits don’t realize it, but direct mail is actually a key driver of online giving. Typically even more effective than email. Create mail pieces that give donors a Web option or encourage online giving as the primary call to action. Make sure you have a strong landing page that reflects your mail piece and makes it easy to give.

Peer-to-Peer – The key to successful online fundraising is getting your supporters involved and making them online advocates for your organization. Give your existing volunteers and donors an easy way to reach out to friends and encourage them to give. Providing your supporters fundraising Web pages they can personalize is a great place to start.

Is your nonprofit looking to boost your online fundraising efforts in the coming year? If so, learn more about eleventy’s ONCORE—an innovative online fundraising tool that gives your nonprofit a fun and easy way to increase volunteer and donor involvement in causes, campaigns or events.