American Institute for Cancer Research Partners with Eleventy Marketing Group to Enhance Fundraising Through Analytics

By eleventy marketing group

The American Institute for Cancer Research funds cutting-edge research and gives people practical tools and information to help them prevent – and survive – cancer.

More and more nonprofits are discovering the benefits of using analytics and modeling to better connect with donors. eleventy marketing group is leading the charge by providing data-driven marketing solutions to many of the nation’s foremost nonprofit organizations.

That list includes the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR), the leading national charity in the field of diet, physical activity and weight management as they relate to cancer prevention. eleventy has partnered with AICR to provide modeling, insights and analytics, as well as assistance managing various fundraising campaigns.

“All of us at eleventy are excited to be working with AICR to enhance their direct response telephone fundraising through analytics and predictive modeling,” said Ken Dawson, president of eleventy group. “I have had the privilege of working with AICR in varying capacities for over 16 years. I am a strong believer in their mission to educate Americans on the links between diet, nutrition and lifestyle and cancer, and how we can take control of our lives and our health through their research.”

The American Institute for Cancer Research was founded over 30 years ago on a simple but radical idea: everyday choices can reduce our chances of getting cancer. They were the first organization to focus research on the link between diet and cancer, and translate the results into practical information for the public.

Nearly three decades of AICR-funded research on diet, nutrition and cancer have helped change how we think about cancer. By funding research, interpreting evidence and educating the public about the results, AICR is helping Americans realize that it’s never too early or too late to make choices that protect against cancer.

Working with AICR, eleventy aims to help the organization fund more emerging research and teach more Americans how they can reduce their cancer risk.

“In this challenging economy the use of analytical insights to drive marketing decisions has become more and more critical to fundraising success,” said Kelly B. Browning, AICR Chief Executive Officer. “AICR has seen the value that eleventy has delivered in this evolving area and find that their contributions to the AICR telephone fundraising efforts are essential to our success.”

About eleventy marketing group: Eleventy provides data-driven direct marketing solutions for nonprofit organizations and businesses across industries. We use data to drive actionable recommendations on audience, message and channel that boost your bottom line.