6 Biggest Consumer Complaints About Business & Nonprofit Websites

By eleventy marketing group

These six website problems drive visitors crazyThe eleventy creative team regularly helps businesses and nonprofits enhance and improve their websites. Through this process, we learn a lot about the common deficiencies that keep organizational sites from more effectively connecting with audiences. Sometimes a site’s problems are unique, but more often than not organizations are hearing the same complaints from customers/donors about their websites.

In today’s post, we’ll explore the most common complaints people have about business and nonprofit websites. By helping you identify the problems hampering a significant number of sites today, hopefully you can make the changes necessary to get your site operating at 100% effectiveness.

Six Most Common Complaints About Company Websites

We suggest reading through this list and then heading directly to your business or nonprofit website to see if any your visitors may be making the same complaints.

1. “It’s too slow”

Unless you visit and surf your site regularly, you may not have a very good idea of how quickly your site loads. As Internet speeds improve and people get busier, consumers no longer have patience for slow-moving sites. If any page of your website takes more than a few seconds to appear in full, people will head for hills.

  • If your website is moving only slightly faster than molasses, it’s time to look under the hood and make some changes.

2. “I can’t find what I’m looking for”

Clean and simple navigation is essential to website success. Visitors to your site should be able to find what they are looking for quickly, from any page. Don’t make people dig for information—because they won’t. They’ll give up. The more intuitive your site is the better. Don’t let cleverness or visual imagination keep people from understanding how your site is organized.

  • If finding info on your website is more challenging than excavating dinosaur bones, it’s time to rethink your navigation.

3. “It’s too hard to read”

This complaint comes up more than you might think. It’s often the result of putting design ahead of functionality. Colored text, overwhelming backgrounds, small font sizes, or fonts not ideal for Web reading can all cause this problem. When people have trouble reading your website text, they simply won’t read your website text.

  • If reading text on your website causes squinting and headaches, it’s time to make some different design choices.

4. “It’s awful to view on my iPhone”

Some stats say as much as 25% of all Web traffic now comes from mobile devices. For anyone who’s ever seen countless faces engulfed in smartphones, that’s no surprise. And yet too many websites are still not optimized for mobile. This is no longer an option, people, it’s essential. Make sure your site is easy to view, read and navigate from a phone.

  • If your website makes smartphone users’ fingertips bleed from pinching and zooming, you need to adopt a mobile-responsive design.

5. “It looks like the first website ever made”

We’ve all visited a website through search and discovered a relic that reminds us of what the early days of the Internet looked like. Full, unformatted pages of colored text. Unaligned images or icons. As the Web has become more visual and engaging, these websites stick out like sore thumbs. Worse yet, they actively repel customers.

  • If your website looks like it’s from (or actually is from) the previous decade, you need to catch up to the times with a full and immediate site redesign.

6. “It lacks information”

While the Web has become more visual, content still reigns supreme. Visitors to your site should be able to find clear and concise information about what you do, who you do it for, and why your product/service is valuable. That includes how to contact you to learn more. Don’t neglect the importance of the information your audience is seeking and a crystal-clear call to action.

  • If visitors are leaving your website without the information they seek, you need to spend some time revising your website content.

For Every Website Problem, There Is A Website Solution

While the website complaints listed above are incredibly common, they are also easily fixable. So if you face some of the same problems on your site, don’t fret. Just make it a priority to correct them or get some help from a professional Web development team. You can have your site operating much more effectively in no time. And those annoyed complaints can be quickly transformed into compliments and—more importantly—new customers.

Need help improving your website experience? Connect with eleventy group today to see how we can make your brand website a more effective marketing asset.