Case Study: How ‘The Eleventy Way’ Makes Nonprofit Marketing More Efficient

By eleventy marketing group

National Children’s Charity  Boosts Monthly GivingAt eleventy, we pride ourselves on doing things differently than other marketing agencies. We employ our own unique and proven philosophy to build and strengthen connections for our clients. It’s an approach that is measured and based in the knowledge we uncover through analytics. And it has demonstrated its effectiveness time and time again.

In today’s post, we’ll give you a glimpse at “the eleventy way” of building customer and donor relationships for our clients. Here’s a look at how our team helped a major nonprofit better reach donors while simultaneously lowering fundraising costs.

Case Study: National Children’s Charity Boosts Monthly Giving

At eleventy, we have built and successfully rolled out over 350 models and helped over 60 nonprofits achieve greater results all by looking at data the right way. Here’s just one example of how our innovative data-driven marketing services have made a big impact:


For nonprofits, a strong monthly giving program is a huge asset—bringing in a consistent and reliable stream of income each month. One of the top children’s charities in the country was worried about their recruitment of new monthly giving donors and wanted to give their program a boost. The client came to eleventy looking for a strategy to recruit more monthly giving donors without breaking their fundraising budget.


eleventy’s marketing intelligence experts analyzed past results from the monthly giving campaign, along with demographics and psychographic attributes of existing donors. Out of 50 variables, 12 were identified as key factors for modeling to improve results. eleventy used this information to help the client more strategically market to and recruit monthly giving donors. Instead of more marketing, the eleventy approach is always to facilitate smarter marketing.


Using the model we built, eleventy helped the client not only bring more monthly donors on board but also significantly improve their return on marketing investment in the process. The final results speak for themselves: 

28% increase in campaign response rate using the eleventy model

36% decrease in cost of fundraising with the eleventy model

As you can see from these numbers, the new segmentation drove more new monthly donors and a much lower cost of fundraising. That’s a double win for the nonprofit.

Experience The Eleventy Way of Thinking About Fundraising

eleventy not only offers the best data available for nonprofits, but also the best data scientists to drive the greatest insight and net improvement in your bottom line. We take the philosophy of one-to-one marketing to a whole new level within donor and volunteer populations. Our experts build data-driven strategies and custom analytics to maximize your return on investment and retention across all channels. Experience a better way of reaching out to your donors.

The eleventy way is a proven path to nonprofit success

Interested in learning more about how ‘the eleventy way’ can help your nonprofit? Email eleventy vice president of strategy and development Angie Moore at or give her a call at 330-294-1117.