How Hometown Grocery Delivery Used Website Design To Reach More Customers

By eleventy marketing group

Akron Hometown Grocery Delivery brings groceries from store to door for residents of Northeast OhioWe live in an increasingly busy world. We’re working more, connecting more, traveling more. Technology has allowed us to do these things, which is great. But it also means we’re more and more crunched for time.

A number of businesses and technologies have emerged in recent years to help us get that time back. In many cases, time spent driving to a store, walking the isles and picking out products has been reduced by the ability to open a laptop and place an order.

One innovative business providing people a more convenient way to perform an essential task through online ordering and delivery is eleventy client Hometown Grocery Delivery (HGD). Today, we’ll give you a quick glimpse at HGD and how the company managed to significantly increase their business over the past year.

Building Buzz for Home Grocery Delivery in Northeast Ohio

Hometown Grocery Delivery is based in Akron, Ohio, and serves Akron, Canton, Hudson, Stow, and surrounding Northeast Ohio communities. The service is designed to help people save time by enabling them to place orders online and have their groceries delivered right to their doors. It’s an incredibly convenient service—and one that is catching on, and growing by leaps and bounds.

Hometown Grocery Delivery profiled in The SuburbaniteSince November, the number of orders received by Hometown Grocery Delivery has quadrupled. HGD is working to meet the increasing demand by continually expanding its delivery area to reach more customers throughout Northeast Ohio.

HGD’s brand presence in the local community and online has also expanded. The company was recently profiled in this article in the Ohio newspaper The Suburbanite. The story discussed the rapid and continued growth of the service, and the benefits it offers all types of customers—from students to the elderly to young families.

Strategic Website Design to Display Value and Develop Trust

How has HGD achieved such buzz and business growth? Word of mouth has been a huge factor. But HGD also invested in several marketing efforts over the past 12 months that have paid off. A key effort in that strategy was the launch of a more substantial HGD website, which eleventy worked with the client to develop.

Hometown Grocery Delivery website

Previously, HGD had only an online store where people could shop for groceries and place their orders. But eleventy helped them develop a website that provided a better entry point for new customers, and made it easier for people to find the service through Google searches.

The new HGD website provides general information about the company, the grocery store they work in partnership with, the benefits of the service, instructions on how to place an order, and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

About Akron Ohio Hometown Grocery Delivery

The HGD website home page also highlights some of the audiences for whom this service is particularly ideal and beneficial. The overall goal of the HGD site design and content is to help potential customers learn more about the service, see the great value it can provide them, and create a stronger sense of trust.

Perhaps most importantly, the new HGD website features a zip code lookup where customers can search to find out if HGD offers grocery delivery service in their area.

Hometown Grocery Delivery zip code lookup

The new website additions—mixed with some SEO work eleventy did to make the service easier to find for people searching the Web for grocery delivery options in the Akron/Canton/Northeast Ohio area—have gone a long way in helping more people discover HGD on the Web and give the service a go. And, most of the time, once people try HGD they’re hooked.

Experience the Amazing Advantages of Home Grocery Delivery

For anyone living in Northeast Ohio, we strongly recommend you check out the Hometown Grocery Delivery website and try out the service. This is a truly fantastic resource for anyone looking to save some time by not having to walk the grocery store isles and getting groceries delivered directly to your door. It’s modern convenience at its finest!

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