6 Top Marketing Trends From The First Six Months of 2014

By eleventy marketing group

Top 6 Nonprofit Topics TrendsIt’s hard to believe we’re already at the midway point of the year. It seems like only last week we were shivering our way through the brutal winter and laying out strategic marketing goals for 2014. But after you make it through the first quarter, the calendar has a way of stepping on the gas.

At key points throughout the year, we like to dip into our Web stats to see what topics are driving reader interest. It’s not a deep data analysis—just a glimpse of where our audience is focusing their attention. And we like to share that info so you can catch up on any content you may have missed.

In honor of six months down—and looking forward to six months ahead—here are our top six most popular posts of the year so far.

Counting Down the Top 6 Marketing Posts of the Past 6 Months

We’ve ranked these posts in order of popularity (most unique views), and we decided to count down instead of up to build some excitement (after all, who doesn’t love a good countdown?).

Only posts published in 2014 were eligible for this list. However, we’ve also included a few honorable mentions at the end (posts published in 2013 that received a lot of views this year). You can access the full posts by clicking on the headlines or images. Enjoy!


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Honorable Mentions

And now three posts from the second half of 2013 that have seen a lot of traffic this year…

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Many organizations (both nonprofits and companies) struggle when it comes to updating their logos. When is the right time? Why is updating your logo important? How should you make the change? We answer all those questions in this popular post. Get the scoop.

13 Reasons You Need to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Right Now

With more and more people accessing the Web through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, having a mobile-friendly website has become more important than ever. In this post, we provide some key stats to back that up as well as five ways a mobile-optimized website will benefit your organization. Read this post.

How to Find the Best Time to Post on Facebook to Reach Your Followers

Timing your posts on social media is something many marketers have worked tirelessly to get down to science—with limited success. The reason is the ideal timing varies based on your audience. Fortunately, Facebook has made it easy to find the best time to post to reach the most followers. Find out how.

Top Marketing Takeaways From the First Half of the Year

So what we can we glean from the most popular posts of the year so far? What do they tell us about the marketing focus areas of nonprofit and business professionals in 2014? A few things:

  • Nonprofits continue to tackle fundraising challenges and seek out new opportunities – With more nonprofits competing for donors than ever before, nonprofits are looking for innovative, creative and effective ways to boost their fundraising. The traditional efforts and channels of the past are no longer enough, nonprofits need to keep opening new doors and look for ways to engage different audiences through digital marketing.
  • Organizations are still feeling their way through website evolution – By now, any serious business or nonprofit should recognize the importance of having a website. The new challenge is delivering a website experience that incorporates best practices, takes into account all the ways people access the Web today, assists with branding and generating leads/donations, and keeps up with the latest content and design trends.
  • Branding and social media remain key organizational goals – Organizations are constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance and improve their brand awareness and social media marketing. These have been top goals for many nonprofits and businesses for the past five years now, and they remain top priorities as the impact of these efforts grows increasingly vital to organizational survival and success across industries.

Those are just a few of the top marketing trends that have popped up during the first six months of 2014. As always, it will be interesting and exciting to see what new marketing topics, issues and efforts grab your attention over the next six months. We’ll work to keep you posted!