Angie Moore Explores the Impact of a Bold Nonprofit Marketing Decision

By eleventy marketing group

American Cancer Society made the startling decision to drop their acquisition and conversion direct mail efforts one year agoAs many of you know, eleventy’s vice president of strategy and development Angie Moore authors a popular nonprofit blog over at Fundraising Success. On this blog, Angie explores many of the big ideas, changes and challenges taking place in the nonprofit industry.

One year ago, Angie reported on her blog about a major marketing change at the American Cancer Society (ACS). The post attracted a ton of interest from nonprofit professionals across organizations and sectors.

Recently, Angie posted an insightful follow-up to that article.

The Original Story: A Top Nonprofit’s Surprising Marketing Move

At the end of 2012, ACS made the momentous decision to stop its direct mail acquisition and conversion efforts, and remove ACS direct-mail donors from all exchange universes. To put this in perspective, we’re talking about the elimination of 41 million direct mail pieces by ACS.

It was an unprecedented move, and one that led many to wonder about the impact it would have on fundraising for one of the most recognized nonprofit organizations in the United States.

The Follow Up: Results, Changes and Progress One Year Later

A year after taking action to drastically reduce their direct mail efforts, Angie sat down with some key marketing leaders at ACS to get an update. She wanted to know how they were faring without direct mail acquisition and conversion, and how they were progressing toward their goal of developing an “omni-channel, multi-touch program”.

What she found out may surprise you. Here’s a quick excerpt from her follow-up post American Cancer Society’s Pioneering Decision: One Year Later:

“I had all of the questions you can imagine. What I didn’t expect was the answers that I got in return. Like many of you, I wanted to know, “How were things going?” and “What was happening with the direct mail program?” … While I was expecting some “simple” answers, rest assured they are not; they are complex.”

Read Angie’s full post exploring the impact of American Cancer Society’s direct-mail decision one year later.