14 Reasons Your Nonprofit Should Be Engaging Millennials At Work

By eleventy marketing group

2014 Millennial Impact Report GraphicFor any nonprofit with an eye toward the future, Millennials are an incredibly important audience. They may be not significant donors yet, but they will be. That’s why laying the groundwork and creating a connection early on is so essential.

The annual Millennial Impact Report is a great resource for nonprofit organizations looking to build bonds with this demographic. The data in this report comes directly from Millennials, and can help you identify ways to make inroads with them in your marketing and fundraising efforts.

In today’s blog post, we’ll look at some significant stats pulled from the 2014 Millennial Impact Report and tell you what they mean for your nonprofit.

About the 2014 Millennial Impact Report

With the 2014 Millennial Report, Achieve and the Case Foundation have done something a little different. While previous reports looked at how Millennials give, volunteer and engage with nonprofits, this year’s report focuses on how Millennials engage and participate in cause work through their companies. Get your full copy of the 2014 Millennial Impact Report here.

The report defines cause work as “programs and initiatives that involve some type of service-based or philanthropic end and generally refers to programs that help people and communities.”

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14 Insightful Stats from the 2014 Millennial Impact Report

Here are a handful of statistics about how Millennials engage in their employers’ cause work that caught our attention:

  1. 87% of Millennials feel encouraged to volunteer and participate in their company’s cause work
  2. A company’s involvement with causes ranked as the 3rd most important factor when applying for a job
  3. 55% of Millennials were influenced to take their job after discussing cause work in their interview
  4. 63% of female Millennials were influenced to accept a job based on the company’s cause work
  5. Company-wide giving campaigns are the initiatives Millennials most commonly participate in
  6. Millennial employees prefer joining a company-wide or team-specific volunteer project rather than donating to a giving campaign
  7. 78% of Millennial employees prefer doing cause work with a group of co-workers rather than individually
  8. How Millennials learn about a company’s cause work:

    • Company website: 93%
    • Google search: 61%
    • Current or past employees: 36%
    • Facebook: 22%, LinkedIn: 12%, Twitter: 11%
  9. 88% of Millennial employees donated to a nonprofit organization in 2013
  10. 28% of Millennial employees made $100-$500 gifts to nonprofits in 2013
  11. 44% of Millennials volunteered their skills through their company to benefit a cause
  12. 94% of Millennial employees prefer using their individual skills and talents to help a cause
  13. Millennials most appreciate cause initiatives that help their surrounding community
  14. Top 3 cause-related programs or actions Millennials want to see more of at work:
    • Company-wide volunteer opportunities
    • Sabbaticals (a break from work to serve and volunteer)
    • Cause projects within departments or teams

Top Nonprofit Takeaways on Reaching and Engaging Millennials

Connecting with Millennials is important to the future of your nonprofit. It’s essential to build a bond with individuals from this generation early, when they may not yet have allegiances to very many causes or organizations.

Employers can act as a great bridge between nonprofits and Millennials. The 2014 Impact Report shows us that a company’s cause work is meaningful to Millennial employees. And along with being meaningful, the ability to take action for a cause via the workplace is also convenient and social—two attributes that are particularly appealing to Millennials.

So what does this mean for your nonprofit? How can you use this information to better reach out to and connect with Millennials?

It means your nonprofit needs to take strategic and specific action to develop connections with Millennials via the workplace. Here are some ways your nonprofit can do that:

  • Identify companies with a significant Millennial workforce in key communities where your nonprofit works and operates
  • Reach out to those companies with ways they can get employees involved in your cause
  • Create events specifically designed for the workplace, and offer resources and send representatives
  • Develop event and fundraising ideas that enable Millennial employees to volunteer in groups, outside of the workplace
  • Give Millennials opportunities to donate their professional skills or specific talents
  • Provide your existing Millennial volunteers and donors with opportunities to get their companies involved
  • Launch online fundraising efforts aimed at companies and workplace participation
  • After cause work, provide companies with event photos (ideally featuring Millennials) for their social media pages, websites and newsletters
  • Post press releases or blog posts on your nonprofit website about a company’s cause work