9 Ways to Promote and Encourage Monthly Giving on Your Website

By eleventy marketing group

Use all the powers of your nonprofit website to encourage monthly giving25% overall growth rate for online monthly giving to nonprofits in 2013. That statistic from the 2014 M+R Benchmarks Study is eye-widening and jaw-dropping. Every nonprofit should be taking note. Why? Because it points to the collision of two of the biggest areas of fundraising growth: monthly giving and online giving.

Monthly giving is incredibly important because it provides a steady stream of income you can rely on without working quite as hard to get it. For organizations fighting to plan, budget and make every penny count, that’s a huge asset.

Meanwhile, online giving continues growing by double digits each year. Even during the economic downturn this was true. More and more people are turning to the Web to quickly and conveniently donate to nonprofits they support (yes, even older demographics).

Put the two together and you have a potential fundraising superpower. In today’s post, we’ll show you a handful of ways you can work to promote monthly giving on your website.

Nine Nonprofit Website Tips to Encourage Monthly Giving

Want to increase the number of monthly donors coming from your website? Here are some ways to call attention to the possibility of becoming a monthly donor:

1. Feature It On Your Home Page

From the face of your website, make your monthly giving call to action prominent. Whether you put in on a slider or somewhere else on the page, make sure it’s clear this is a key action you want people to take.

2. Create a Monthly Giving Page

Dedicate an entire page on your website to monthly giving—more specifically, the why of monthly giving. Show people the need for monthly giving and let them know as specifically as possible where the money goes. Which leads to our next point…

3. Include a Monthly Donation Visual

Visuals explaining how varying monthly donation amounts make a difference can be incredibly effective. For example: $50/month sends 5 children to school for a month; $100/month feeds a family of four for a year. This paints a clear picture of the why.

4. Add a Monthly Giving Option To Your Donate Page

This one seems pretty obvious, and yet so many nonprofit websites still lack this option. If someone is ready to support your cause and willing to donate, at least plant the seed in their mind of becoming of a monthly donor.

5. Ask About Monthly Giving After a Donation

Someone makes a donation. They care about the cause and support what you do. They are feeling good about contributing. What better time to ask them to become a monthly donor? On your donation thank you page, give donors the chance to quickly and easily sign up to give that same amount each month.

6. Spotlight the Monthly Giving Impact

On your blog or other area of your site where you provide updates on the work you do, regularly include information about how monthly giving is making an impact. If possible shine a light on the specific efforts your monthly giving program supports. And make sure you include a link and tell people how they can become monthly donors.

7. Spotlight Monthly Giving Donors

You can also spotlight individual monthly donors. Nothing inspires people to take action like seeing other people doing it. Interview donors and ask them what inspired to become monthly contributors. Put a face to your monthly donors. And, again, make sure to always include the link where other people can sign up.

8. Insert a Monthly Giving Link in Your Header

Make a monthly giving reminder appear on every page of your site by putting a quick link on your website header, footer or sidebar (depending on how your site is designed). It could be as simple as a small graphic that says “make a difference all year round” with a link to your monthly giving page.

9. Enable People to Share Monthly Giving with Friends

Create a quick and easy way for a person to tell their friends they’ve become a monthly donor—and encourage them to do the same. Include a “Share with Friends” button on your donation thank you page that allows people to post a message on social sites like Facebook and Twitter saying something along the lines of “I just became a monthly donor with Organization X and I want you to  join me” with a link to sign up.

Make Monthly Giving a Key Focus of Your Online Fundraising

We live in a world that is moving away from writing out checks to one where donations are made with a few quick clicks. It’s also a world where subscription services are on the rise. These are two shifts the nonprofit industry cannot ignore. By making a concentrated effort to promote monthly giving through your online efforts, you have the opportunity to create a reliable, consistent stream of donations that will only increase in the near future.