11 Important End-of-Year Online Fundraising Best Practices

By eleventy marketing group

Online fundraising best practicesBelieve it or not, November is here. That means we’re down to the final two months of the year. For fundraisers, this stretch is crucial. It’s crunch time, when donors open their digital wallets and purses and give more than any other time of year.

With an effective final push, nonprofits can finish the year strong and help sustain and expand important programs for next year. But the challenge is standing out amongst a sea of fundraisers making the same push to the same school of bombarded donors.

That’s why you have to bring your “A-game” to earn donors’ attention and make online giving as quick and easy as possible. In today’s post, we’ll provide some top tips to maximize your online fundraising efforts from start to finish.

Eleven Tips for Optimizing Your Year-End Online Fundraising

Here are some practical, proven ways to optimize your emails, landing pages and your website to earn more online donations during the busy holiday months:

1. Make sure your donation page can be found from anywhere on your website in 3 seconds or less.

2. Compel action on your donate page. DO NOT just have a form all by itself. Include powerful content and visuals that encourage and support an individual’s decision to give.

3. Show people where their donations go. Visuals detailing specific examples of how money is used are a great way to get people to give.

4. Make it easy for people to sign up to receive emails. That means a minimal amount of fields to complete, and no more than two clicks total from beginning to end.

5. Send an email to new subscribers immediately. Use this email to warmly welcome people, give an idea of your email frequency, and provide links to valuable resources.

6. Send your first email donation ask within 60 days. Interest will begin to fade the farther you get from sign-up. After 60 days, email open rates typically drop by 25%.

7. Always make sure your landing page design matches the look and messaging of the emails you send out. You want a smooth, continuous experience from inbox to online.

8. Create a clear call to action on all your donation landing pages. Don’t overload the donor. Instead keep it simple with a single, strong, direct action you want them to take.

9. EVERY email you send and EVERY landing page you create must be optimized for mobile. 50% or more of your emails will probably be opened on smartphones and tablets.

10. Send each and every online donor a prompt thank-you email. Really let people know how much you appreciate their donation and what a difference it will make.

11. Provide next steps for people after they make an online donation. That can be signing up for email updates, asking them to volunteer, inviting them to share their experience via social media, or participating in monthly giving.

Make the online giving experience an easy, compelling and satisfying one for donors this holiday season and they will reward you with the gift of their continued support.