5 Overlooked Aspects of Exceptional Websites

By eleventy marketing group

Take your organization's website from good to greatOrganizational websites—whether business or nonprofit—are generally pretty similar. They typically have the same basic setup (about, services, contact, etc.) and aim to tell people the same things. But there is great variance in quality. Execution is what sets great websites apart.

You know a great website when you see it. It grabs you visually, gives you the exact information you’re looking for, and makes it easy to find your way around. When a person searches online for a new business or nonprofit to support, the quality of the website can be the deciding factor.

So what specifically separates the mediocre from the exceptional? In today’s post, we’ll look at five key attributes of a great organizational website.

In Order to Be Great, You Must First Have the Goods

What we’re discussing today are aspects of a website that can take it from good to great. This assumes the attributes needed to make a website good—strategic design, focused content, consistent branding, search engine optimization (SEO)–are already in place.

Here are three important things every website should tell people:

  1. Who you are
  2. What you do
  3. Why it is valuable

Five Key Attributes of a Great Business or Nonprofit Website

If you want an exceptional website, make sure your site is optimized in these five areas:

1. Visitor-focused

Your website exists to connect your business or nonprofit with customers or donors. It is not just a place talk about yourself and the great things you do. It’s a place to talk about them—what they need, what you have to offer them, how they will benefit. Too many websites are much to “we” focused. Don’t forget who your website is really for. It’s not for you, it’s for them.

2. Easy to navigate

Have you ever been on a website where you feel like you are lost inside a labyrinth? You wonder how you got to a page and how you can get back to where you were. Then you give up and close the window. That’s not a good experience. You can have the greatest website design in the world, but if people can’t easily get where they want to go, it’s all for naught.

3. Strong calls to action

Do the pages of your website inspire people? And do they tell people what they should do with that newfound inspiration? A great website doesn’t just create a case for how your services can benefit the visitor, it gives them practical next steps along the way. Your site should have calls to action across the board that lead visitors forward and connect them to your organization.

4. Content-visual reinforcement

A lot of websites have strong visuals and many have strong content. Some even have both. But very few have strong content and visuals that actually work together to present the key message you’re trying to get across. On a great website, the content and visuals work as one to reinforce key points so the visitor can easily understand and remember them.

5. Clear and compelling message

If a potential customer or donor could only remember one thing about your organization, what would you want it to be? And is that message clearly presented on your website? When a person visits a great website, they leave with a strong understanding of the organization. They will take away why the organization is valuable and how they stand out from the competition.

The Difference Between Good and Great Websites

A good website is smartly constructed to provide information for your target audience. It includes all the things we talked about at the beginning of this post. A good website is challenging to create.

A great website is all about nuance. It’s doing some little (but essential) things to create a better visitor experience and make the organization more memorable. Like all things, the difference is in the details.

While good is good, why not go for great?

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