Simple Steps to Schedule Your Facebook Posts Ahead of Time

By eleventy marketing group

Facebook SchedulingAnyone who’s ever managed a business or nonprofit’s social media efforts knows it can be incredibly time consuming. Creating content, finding relevant links, monitoring engagement, constantly tweaking and refining your strategy. It’s amazing how quickly the clock can spin circles around you when you’re focusing on social.

Fortunately, a lot of great social management tools have emerged in recent years to relieve some of the burden. Facebook itself has added features to make it easier for businesses and nonprofits to manage their pages. A great example is Facebook Insights, which provides an easy way to find the best times to post based on follower data.

Another valuable Facebook function for brands is the ability to schedule posts ahead of time. In today’s post, we’ll lay out the process of scheduling Facebook posts in a few quick and easy steps (with some visuals to help you along).

How to Schedule Posts in Advance on Your Organization’s Facebook Page

For the time-crunched social strategist, Facebook scheduling is a great benefit. Rather than making yourself available to publish your posts at the exact time to best reach your audience, you can schedule them to automatically post whenever you want.

This capability has been available on business and nonprofit pages since 2012, but a lot of people don’t know it’s there—or aren’t quite sure how to use it. Facebook also modified its design last year, changing the way you schedule posts and creating some additional confusion.

But scheduling posts on Facebook is actually really easy once you know the drill. So here’s the drill…

1. Compose your post as you normally would

Type your content in the “What have you been up to?” box, and insert any links, images or videos you want to share. When you have your post just how you want it, move on to step two.

Step 1: Compose your Facebook post

2. Click on the arrow next to the blue “Post” button

Instead of clicking on “Post”, click the arrow next to it. A dropdown menu will appear.

Step 2: Click on the blue arrow next to post

3. Click on “Schedule Post” from the dropdown menu

The dropdown menu will include three options. Scroll over “Schedule Post” so that it turns blue and then click on it.

Choose schedule post from the dropdown menu

A white box labeled “Schedule Post” will appear on the center of your screen.

The Schedule Post box will appear in the center of your screen

4. Choose your desired posting day and time

When you click on the date input field, a calendar will appear. Select the date you want on the calendar and it will fill in the field. You can enter the time you want to post down to the minute.

Scheduling your Facebook post

5. Click on the “Schedule” button

Once you have the date and time you want, click the blue “Schedule” button in the lower right corner.

Click on the Schedule button in the lower right corner

You’ll now see a white box on your page telling you that there are scheduled posts.

Where to find your scheduled Facebook posts

How to Edit, Delete or Reschedule Your Posts

You can click on the “See Posts” link in this box to view your scheduled posts.

View your scheduled Facebook posts

From your list of scheduled posts, you can click on the downward arrow in the upper right corner to edit post content, delete a post, or reschedule the posting date/time.

Editing or rescheduling your Facebook posts

That’s everything you need to know. You should be ready to schedule Facebook posts on your business page—and hopefully save yourself a little time in the process!