4 Awesome Infographics Filled with Marketing and Fundraising Tips

By eleventy marketing group

Information presented visually can be digested more quickly and easilyInfographics are liked and shared three times more than any other content.  –HubSpot

Infographics remain one the most popular forms of online content. They present information in a visual format, making it more quick and easy to digest. In our crowded online world (how many articles, posts, tweets and videos have you consumed today?), that’s incredibly valuable.

As big fans of infographics, we wanted to share some of the best ones we’ve uncovered over the past month. Along with being a convenient way to consume content, these graphics also contain a lot of great info. Enjoy!

Four Marketing and Fundraising Infographics You Need To See

Here are previews and quick summaries of the top infographics we’ve come across over the past month. Click on the images to view the full/larger infographics directly from the source.

1. The Anatomy of an Ask

This infographic from nonprofit hub grabbed us immediately because of its visual inspiration: the classic board game “Operation”. This graphic uses the operation format to provide 14 practical tips to successfully ask for donations.

Click here to view a larger version of the Anatomy of an Ask infographic


2. Five Steps to Getting More Engagement with Your Visual Content

This infographic from HubSpot looks at, in part, infographics. There are some great stats on the impact of visual content here, along with some tips on making your visual content stronger—including the ideal image and cover photo sizes for the top social media sites.

Click here to view the full Visual Content infographic


3. Different Takes on Giving

This infographic from The Wall Street Journal summarizes the findings of a Harris Poll that looked at how Americans give to charity. The results (displayed in the graphic) reveal that how we give (and who we give to) varies greatly from one generation to the next.

Click here to view the full Different Takes on Giving infographic


4. Three Digital Local Marketing Tactics You Should Adopt in 2015

This infographic from Brandmuscle looks at three key areas of digital marketing you may want to focus on this year: Email, social, and online reputation management. It includes stats and tips for each area to help you better reach people with your efforts.

Click here to view the full digital marketing tactics infographic


Have a great marketing or fundraising infographic you want to share? Post a link to it in the comments below.