8 Ways to Spring Forward on Social Media

By eleventy marketing group

Move ahead this spring with these social media tipsThe social media world is constantly evolving. From ask.fm to Vine, there are more social sites than ever before in our cultural vocabulary. Different demographics gravitate toward different networks. And how we use them—and how we engage with brands on them—keeps on shifting.

Social is definitely a realm where you have to keep up, adapt and change more frequently than most organizations are accustomed. To help you along on your arduous social journey, here are eight useful stats, insights and tips to propel your social media strategy forward this spring.

1. You may want to start directing more social content toward 25-34 year olds.

This demographic is quickly gaining on Millennials as the most active social networkers. This finding comes from a post on ClickZ analyzing the user bases of five major social networks in the U.S. The post also notes that Instagram usage by 25-34 year olds has increased 150% since 2013. Is this the audience to reach on social in 2015?

Rising Social Demographic


2. C’mon brands, stop including direct links in your Instagram posts.

This is the first commandment listed in an iMedia Connection post on top Instagram best practices. The reason? Links aren’t active on Instagram. And yet brands do this all the time.

Instagram Best Practices


3. Replace your Facebook cover photo with one that’s the ideal size.

So what size should your Facebook brand cover photo be in order to give it the best appearance? 851 px wide x 315 px tall. See more best practices for your Facebook cover photo in this post from HubSpot.

Facebook Cover Photo


4. The best time to reach people on Twitter is Monday-Thursday from 1-3 p.m.

That stat comes from bit.ly, as reported in this post on Entrepreneur containing tips to set your Twitter feed on fire. So when’s the worst time to be tweeting? Any day after 8 p.m. or after 3 p.m. on Friday.

Twitter Timing


5. Pinterest’s user base will grow more than 11% this year to 47 million.

Pinterest has long been a rising star in the social media universe because of its strong engagement. It’s user base and growth remain limited, but it offers marketers some unique opportunities—as noted in this post from Direct Marketing News.

Pinterest Rising


6. 53% of American adults now regularly use two or more social media sites.

That’s up from 42% in 2013, according to this post on Social Media Today. So more people are expanding their social reach, which in many cases means moving beyond simply Facebook. The key takeaway for organizations: Maybe you should start exploring new networks too.

Social Expansion


7. The most trusted social media platform for recommendations is Facebook.

This is important to know for companies looking to harness the mighty power of social recommendations. But not far behind Facebook are Pinterest and YouTube, both of which have experienced a strong rise in consumer trust over the past year. See more social recommendations stats in this infographic posted by Marketing Profs.

Social Recommendations


8. Try spring cleaning your Twitter account of those fake followers.

That’s right, a good chunk of your Twitter following may actually be fakes. This post from Social Media Examiner provides some handy tools to help you find and remove fake followers. Why would someone want to create a fake account and follow people anyway? Either for spamming or to boost the reputation of another Twitter user.

Twitter Fakes