How to Turn Your Email Unsubscribe Page Into a Marketing Asset

By eleventy marketing group

Your email unsubscribe page doesn't have to be the end of the lineWhether you’re a B2C business, B2B company or nonprofit organization, giving people the ability to sign up for email updates on your website is always a good idea. It’s an easy way for potential customers or donors to move to the next level of engagement.

When a person jumps onto your email list, they are giving you a fantastic opportunity. It’s an open invitation to enter their inbox, provide valuable information, and (hopefully) create a closer brand relationship. It’s definitely an opportunity you don’t want to lose.

In today’s post, we’ll tell you how your brand can use an overlooked aspect of email marketing—your unsubscribe page—to not only keep people on board, but also learn more about your subscribers and provide them a more personalized marketing experience.

The Subscriber Journey: From Interest to Inbox to Unsubscribe

Most of us have been there. You sign up for email updates from a company because you like the information they provide (content, updates, coupons, etc.). You open the emails for a while, but never really click. Then one day you decide you don’t need these emails anymore.

You finally get around to hitting the unsubscribe button. With a few quick clicks, you make the separation official. The relationship comes to an end—probably forever. A great opportunity for that company has just flown out the window.

How You Can Make an Effort to Save More Email Subscribers

So what can your company do differently? How can you keep your subscriber relationships from fizzling? Well, you can provide better email content. But that can be subjective. What one person finds valuable, another may not. There’s not always a way to distinguish one from the other.

You can also ask for preferences when a person signs up. But they may not fill them out. Or they may not know exactly what they want (or don’t want) yet. So that’s not always the answer.

The answer: Don’t let your email subscribers go so easily. At least not without a fight. Make your best effort to turn the relationship around, and show the individual subscriber that your emails can be of value to them. You can do this right on your unsubscribe page.

Two Important Options to Add to Your Unsubscribe Page

Most unsubscribe pages have only two options (though they may be worded differently):

  • Unsubscribe
  • Don’t Unsubscribe

That’s definitely not getting the most out of your unsubscribe page. Before letting your hard-earned email subscribers slip away, give them some options.

Here’s an example of a simple yet effective unsubscribe page:

Example of a simple yet effective email unsubscribe page

This example shows two important options you should give your email subscribers on your unsubscribe page:

1. Less Frequency

Instead of “daily” (for example), let them choose to receive emails “weekly”, “monthly”, “bimonthly” or even “yearly”. Less email is far better than no email.

Enable email subscribers to update their frequency before choosing to unsubscribe

2. Content Categories

If they only find some content valuable, enable them to choose what content they want to receive moving forward. Let them create a customized email journey.

Give email subscribers the chance to tell you about their areas of interests

What to Do After You Save an Email Subscriber

You will be amazed how many subscribers you can save by offering the two options above. Of course, once you get a lifeline you have to make the most of it. That means primarily two things:

1. Take immediate action

If someone switches from daily to monthly emails, make sure the update is made immediately. If you don’t listen to the subscribers’ preference updates, they will unsubscribe in a heartbeat.

2. Personalize the experience

You now know this subscriber is on the fence. It’s time to provide them a better experience—a more personal experience. If you can learn more about your customers’ preferences, use that information. Deliver customized content, deals or opportunities based on their areas of interest.

Bottom Line: Treat Your Unsubscribe Page as an Opportunity

Use your unsubscribe page to learn more about what your email subscribers want and then give that to them. Show them that you are listening. Like a good customer-service call, your email unsubscribe page can be an occasion to turn a fading relationship into a thriving relationship.