3 Excellent Infographics To Help You Strengthen Your Social Media Strategy

By eleventy marketing group

Social Media Marketing InfographicsSocial media marketing is an area of constant learning and tweaking. Things are changing on the social media front all the time—Facebook is updating its news feed, Twitter is adding new capabilities, and the who, when, and why of social network usage is evolving.

More than any other area of marketing, social media requires regular updates and adjustments.

To help keep you “in the know”, we’ve collected a few key resources (in easily-digestible infographic format) in this blog post. We encourage you to bookmark or download these graphics and return to them for future reference.

Three Social Media Infographics to Improve Your Strategy

The trio of infographics below include useful tips to help you develop a social calendar, understand different network demographics, and find out what content people are sharing.

Please note: The images below are just previews of the infographics. Click on the images to view the full versions or the text links to view the infographic source articles.

Infographic #1: Creating a Social Media Calendar

If you want to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your social marketing efforts, you must have a social media calendar. It’s the single best way to keep your posting consistent, stay engaged with your audience, and track and measure the results of your efforts.

This infographic shared by HubSpot explains why your organization needs a social media calendar and provides handy steps for creating one.

Infographic: How to Create a Social Media Calendar

Infographic #2: Posting Content People Want to Share

Sharing is an important aspect of social media marketing. Problem is, with the all the different social sites out there, what people share varies greatly from site to site. What gets you likes, comments and shares on Google+ may fall flat on Facebook. For best results you have to tailor your content to the specific social network.

This infographic posted on Social Media Today breaks down what content they most commonly share on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Infographic: What People Share on Social Media

Infographic #3: Understanding Social Network Demographics

The goal of social media marketing is to connect and engage with your target audience. That all starts with knowing what social networks your audience is active on—which can vary depending on attributes like age, gender, location, income and education.

This in-depth infographic created by Sprout Social will help you get a better idea of where you can find your audience in the socialsphere.

Infographic: Social Media Demographics for Marketers

Have you discovered any exceptional social media infographics lately? If so, please share them by commenting below.