New Report Reveals Charitable Giving Reaches Record Heights

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Charitable Giving Reaches New HeightsGiving to nonprofit organizations didn’t just soar in 2014, it reached new heights. Numbers in the new Giving USA 2015 report reveal contributions from individuals, foundations, corporations and bequests totaled a whopping $358.38 billion in 2014—the highest total in the 60-year history of the annual philanthropy report.

That number surpasses the previous record from 2007 ($355.17 when adjusted for inflation). As many in the nonprofit industry will recall, that peak came just before the Great Recession sent charitable giving into a nosedive. In 2008, Giving USA reported the first decline since 1987.

While the Great Recession definitely knocked giving down, the speed that it has bounced back has been remarkable. We reported last year on the major giving gains made in 2013 and the quicker-than-expected return to pre-recession giving levels. Now Giving USA reports the 2009-2014 recovery is the fastest on record in the past 40 years.

Total Giving 2004-2014

6 Surprising & Impressive Stats from the Giving USA 2015 Report

Check out these notable numbers from the Giving USA 2015: Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2014. You can compare these numbers with the numbers reported in the Giving USA 2014 report (which detail giving in the year 2013) by checking out this post.

  1. $358.38 billion in total contributions to nonprofits in 2014
  2. 7.1% increase in total charitable giving in 2014 over the previous year
  3. $258.51 billion came from individual donations in 2014
  4. $13.88 billion increase in individual giving in 2014
  5. 5.7% increase in individual giving in 2014 over the previous year
  6. 72% of contributions came from individual giving in 2014 (same percentage as 2013)

Could 2015 Be Another Record-Setting Year for Philanthropy?

These new numbers come with a great amount of optimism—especially since many nonprofits are anticipating even-better results in 2015. We recently reported on the Nonprofit Research Collaborative’s (NRC) Winter 2015 Report, which found that:

  • 70% of nonprofits anticipate improved fundraising results in 2015 compared to 2014
  • 56% expect 1-15% growth in funds raised in 2015

So it’s very possible that we could see another record-breaking year of giving in 2015. Hopefully that’s an economic and giving trend that continues for many years to come.

Get your copy of Giving USA 2015: Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2014. And check out this infographic from Giving USA detailing key findings from the 2015 report…

Giving USA 2015 Infographic