10 Stats on the Status of Mobile Marketing from the 2015 DMA Fact Book

By eleventy marketing group

Mobile MarketingWe’re not going to chirp too much about the importance of mobile in this post. By now, that should be pretty apparent. In fact, according to the numbers, the chances are greater you’re reading this on a mobile device than a desktop (see stats below).

For many organizations, the mobile tipping point came back in April when Google updated its algorithm to give greater weight to mobile-friendly websites. That was the moment when mobile went from something you should be doing to get ahead of the game to something you need to be doing so you don’t fall behind.

Mobile is now a significant source for almost everything we do—from emailing and taking photos to surfing the Web and watching movies. These glowing handheld devices are where we live.

Determining Mobile’s Role in Marketing Strategy Moving Forward

What’s probably more interesting than the importance of mobile these days is how marketers are still trying to figure out mobile’s role in the overall marketing puzzle.

We all know the mobile revolution is in full swing, but how can we make the most of the mobile medium to reach and connect with customers and donors? That’s a question marketers are still researching, testing and striving to answer.

In today’s post, we’ll look at some new stats from the 2015 DMA Fact Book that may provide a little insight into the current state of mobile usage and marketing.

10 Eye-Opening Data Points on Mobile for Marketers from the DMA

Here are ten statistics on mobile marketing from the 2015 DMA Statistical Fact Book that caught our attention:

1.  59% of mobile device owners use their phones to access the Internet

Mobile Internet Access

2.  521 billion minutes of Internet usage by mobile users in July 2014 (compared to 495 billion via desktop)

Total Mobile Internet Usage

3.  Consumers spend 25% of all the time spent on mobile apps on social networking

Social Networking Apps

4.  Facebook is the most-used smartphone app with 69% reach

Most Used Smartphone Apps

5.  69.7% of consumers say they prefer businesses to communicate with them via email—compared to 1.8% who prefer text (or SMS) communication

Email to Text Communication Preference

6.  89.3% of consumers say 1-2 text messages per week from an organization would be the right amount to keep them engaged and opted in

Text Communication Preferences

7.  40% of marketers do not incorporate mobile promotions into their annual marketing strategy at all

Mobile Promotions Marketing Strategy

8.  65% of organizations spent 10% or less of their marketing budget on mobile in 2014

Mobile Marketing Budget

9.  There are now more mobile-connected devices than people

Mobile Connected Devices Exceed Population

10.  Mobile data traffic is growing by exabytes. Wondering what an exabyte is? It’s the equivalent of one billion gigabytes…

Mobile Data Traffic

You can purchase the full 2015 DMA Statistical Fact Book here.