7 Digital Marketing Ideas to Make an End-of-Summer Splash

By eleventy marketing group

Summer Marketing IdeasAs we make our way into August, we face a hard truth: The end of summer is in sight. June and July are in the books. The next thing you know the kids will be back to school and we’ll be grilling dogs at Labor Day picnics.

Fortunately, we still have the opportunity to make the most of the month of August. For businesses and nonprofits, that might mean taking advantage of the summer slowdown before things start to pick up again. Or simply setting things up for a big end-of-the-year push.

To help you close out the summer on a high note, here are some ideas to take your digital marketing up a notch…

7 Spectacular Summer Efforts to Expand Your Online Audience

Take action to reach new customers by testing out these marketing methods before the sun sets on the summer season:

1. Spotlight a segment

Have you ever been to a baseball game or other sporting event where the announcer says everyone sitting in section eight gets a free hot dog (or some other prize)? Take a similar approach by focusing on a specific segment of your audience (based on business size, location, industry, etc.) and offering them a very segment-specific promotion.

2. Change the landscaping

You know how new landscaping looks so fresh and crisp, and then mulch becomes dull and bushes overgrown? Well the same thing happens with your website. Summer is a great time to assess the current state of your website, trim and clean things up as needed, or do a complete redesign to give your site that fresh and crisp look it had five years ago.

3. Test the social waters

Water skiing or tubing may look a little scary, but then you do them and realize they’re a lot of fun. Social media can be the same way. Sites like Snapchat, Periscope and Vine may bewilder you now, but test them out and you may like them. More importantly, you may discover a great new way to promote your organization.

4. Get the blog back together

You had a great thing going, you were really rocking, and then everyone got sidetracked and lost interest. Now’s the time to stop thinking about how great it was and bring it back to life. We’re talking about your blog! Don’t let it collect dust. Come up with a list of new posting topics, bring some reliable people on board, and get that thing rocking again.

5. Try out a new look

Remember when you were in school and people would come back from the summer with a new hairstyle, wardrobe, or six inches taller? The summer-to-fall period remains a great transition time. Use this time to update the look of your email newsletter. You might be surprised how some simple changes can increase your opens and clicks.

6. Advertise in a different way

You may have driven by a restaurant billboard a hundred times and never noticed it. Then one day a plane flies over head with the name on a banner and it suddenly jumps out at you. Advertising methods can grow stale over time. So why not try out Google ads, LinkedIn ads, or Instagram ads to reach new audiences and see what kind of results you get?

7. Launch an end-of-summer giveaway

As summer winds down, we cling to it—desperate to make it last just a little longer. Capitalize on that summer love with a giveaway. Make it something summer-related and coveted by your audience (baseball tickets, sunset cruise, beach vacation), promote it via email and social media, and it’s bound to build some positive end-of-summer buzz.

What are some summer marketing efforts that have been effective for your organization? Share them by commenting below.