Eleventy President Ken Dawson Featured in NPR, Wall Street Journal, Mashable and More

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Eleventy President Ken Dawson

Eleventy President Ken Dawson

With Ben Carson’s campaign for president continuing to gain steam, much has been written about the campaign’s innovative efforts to connect with voters. Those efforts have added up to steadily rising poll numbers and astonishing fundraising success—most of it achieved through contributions from small donors.

A key aspect of the Carson campaign that many media outlets have honed in on recently is the use of Facebook advertising. As the Carson campaign’s Chief Marketing Officer, eleventy president Ken Dawson has played a pivotal role in the campaign’s unprecedented efforts to click with supporters via the social network.

As a result, Ken has been popping up in the media a lot, fielding questions about the why and how of the Carson campaign’s winning Facebook strategy. Below are a handful of recent reports from notable news outlets featuring Ken’s insights.

Ben Carson Leads Presidential Field On Facebook – The Wall Street Journal

“Ken Dawson, who runs digital marketing for Mr. Carson, concurs. He said the campaign has already run 240 different ads on Facebook alone–some nationally but mostly focused in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada, the states where the first four Republican primaries will be held in early 2016.” Read the full article.

Ken Dawson quoted in article in The Wall Street Journal about Ben Carson Facebook advertising

Like It Or Not, Political Campaigns Are Using Facebook To Target You – NPR

“‘This is our hub of communication,’ explained Ken Dawson, who heads digital strategies for Ben Carson’s presidential campaign. ‘We really see it as the heart of our campaign.’ Carson’s Facebook page has more than 4 million followers, more than any other presidential campaign.” Read the full article.

NPR Ben Carson Facebook article features insights from Ken Dawson

Your Facebook Feed Is Filling with Political Ads During the Debates – Mashable

“‘We get in front of a lot of eyeballs very quickly so we can bring in tens of thousands of new leads of people who’ve signed onto the campaign in just a matter of couple hours,’ says Ken Dawson, head of marketing for the Ben Carson campaign. ‘Normally it would take us at least a couple days to get that kind of reach.'” Read the full article.

Mashable political Facebook ads article featuring Ken Dawson

Can The Carson Campaign Ride Facebook To The Republican Nomination? – AdExchanger

“Carson’s Facebook presence, Dawson said, became the top of a lead-gen funnel. It’s an approach more reminiscent of brand marketing than most modern campaigns: ‘We have Facebook as the top of the sales funnel … and we quickly move to convert them into donors or supporters.'” Read the full article.

AdExchanger Carson Campaign Facebook article with quotes from Ken Dawson