These New Tools Will Make Facebook More Fundraising Friendly for Nonprofits

By eleventy marketing group

Facebook Fundraiser and Friend SharingFacebook has long been a top social destination for nonprofits looking to share updates with their supporters and increase their reach. With 1.55 billion active users around the world, Facebook offers opportunities for not only connecting with current donors and volunteers—but also encouraging them to get their friends and family members on board.

Over the past five years, Facebook has become a key component of many fundraising campaigns—from emergency relief efforts to the Ice Bucket Challenge to general mission-supporting outreach. Recognizing its large and growing role in the nonprofit world, Facebook recently announced they are testing a couple new tools to assist nonprofits with their fundraising efforts on the social network.

In today’s post, we’ll provide a glimpse at the new fundraising tools Facebook is testing and let you know when and how your nonprofit can start putting them to work.

Two New Facebook Fundraising Tools for Nonprofits

Facebook is currently testing out these new features with 37 nonprofit organizations (including Mercy Corps, National Multiple Sclerosis Society and World Wildlife Fund), with plans to make them available to all nonprofits “in the future”:

1. Fundraisers: Give Each of Your Campaigns a Hub on Facebook

“Fundraisers” make it easier for nonprofits to share and promote individual fundraising efforts on Facebook by giving organizations the ability to set up dedicated pages for each campaign.

So each time you launch a new fundraising campaign, you can set up a Fundraiser to tell people what it’s about, what the goal is, and provide updates on your progress. People can also make donations with the click of a prominent button on your Fundraiser page.

According to Facebook: “Nonprofits can tell their campaign story, rally supporters, collect donations and visibly track progress toward a goal for year-end drives, themed campaigns and special projects such as building a clean water well or funding a clothing drive.”

Facebook provided these screenshot examples of what “Fundraisers” look like:

New Facebook Fundraisers Pages

Key benefits of Facebook “Fundraisers” include: 

  • You have a hub for your campaign where you can share posts, videos and updates
  • Anyone can share a fundraiser and invite friends
  • People can donate in a few taps, without leaving Facebook
  • Donors can share that they’ve donated, and all shared posts have a Donate button

2. Donate Button: Supporters Can Make Donations Directly from Facebook

After years of asking Facebook for a “Donate” button, nonprofits got their wish this past August. But it wasn’t quite what many had hoped. As TechCrunch wrote of the button after its launch:

“Without the embedded payment processes, the button is really just a call-to-action link, which is valuable to these organizations’ advertisements I’m sure. In practice though, it pretty much just adds a click to the process of making the donation, as it berates you with a pop-up that Facebook doesn’t endorse the cause at all before it unexpectedly whisks you away to a new browser window.”

The new and improved Donate button aims to correct that, enabling individuals to make donations right from Facebook. It can be added to appear prominently on pages (as shown below) or added to individual posts so people can click on it directly from their News Feeds.

Facebook New Donate Button

As Facebook states: “Both of these buttons will make it easy for supporters to contribute using a one-page form without leaving Facebook, and share that they donated with their friends.”

When Can Your Nonprofit Get These Facebook Fundraising Tools?

The exact answer is not known at this point. A reasonable expectation would be in the first half of 2016. The Charitable Giving on Facebook site simply states: “Fundraisers and the Donate button will be available for qualified US-based 501c3 nonprofits over the coming months.”

Facebook does however provide nonprofits the option to sign up to be notified when these features are available to more nonprofits here.