How and Why Your Organization Should Be Testing Facebook Ads

By eleventy marketing group

Facebook Advertising

You’ve heard about Facebook advertising. You’ve probably seen it for yourself. So why aren’t you using it? Maybe you think it’s too complex. Or maybe you think of Facebook as a Millennial network that doesn’t pertain to your audience. The truth is Facebook ads are fairly easy to launch and they can reach a wide range of audiences.

The longer you wait to advertise on Facebook, the more likely your competitors will beat you to the punch. Facebook advertising is exploding in popularity. Facebook recently announced a 57% increase in advertising revenue for the first quarter of 2016—driven by the soaring popularity of mobile ads (ad targeted toward users on mobile devices as opposed to desktops).

As advertisers continue to shift their dollars and attention from TV and print to digital, many are moving a significant chunk of their advertising investment to Facebook. And with good reason. In today’s post, we’ll explain why your organization (and every organization really) should be at least testing out Facebook ads—and how you can target your ads to see the best results.

4 Good Reasons You Should Be Advertising on Facebook

Let’s start with the “why”. Why should you be advertising on Facebook? Here are four good reasons…

1. Users, there’s a ton of them

Facebook is the third most-trafficked website in the world (behind only Google and YouTube). The latest stats show Facebook has 1.65 billion active monthly users and 1.09 billion active daily users. That’s a lot of people.

2. People spend a lot of time on Facebook

Not only does Facebook have a lot of users, but they spend a lot of time on the site (sustained time too—which is rare for the Web). According to eMarketer, U.S. adults will spend an average of 22 minutes a day on Facebook in 2016.

3. Organic reach for brands is fading

With the way the Facebook news feed is currently set up, it’s becoming harder for brands to break through and stand out. The average organic reach of a page post is 2%. Simply put, you need ads to really be seen.

4. The targeting options are amazing

Organic page posts are not targeted. You can reach your followers and their followers, but you can’t control who sees a post. Facebook ads offer some truly awesome and beneficial targeting capabilities that give you that control (more on this below).

7 Smart Ways You Can Target Your Facebook Ads

Now let’s move into the “how”. How can your organization use Facebook ads to better reach your target audience? Here are seven effective ways you can target your Facebook ads…

1. Location

Reach people in your area. You can target people based on country, state, city, and zip code. You can even include a radius around major cities or exclude certain cities or zip codes.

2. Demographics

Know the exact demo you need to hit (like, say, women ages 34-45)? You can target your ads based on demographic info people have included in their profiles (age, gender, education, job title, etc.).

3. Behaviors

This is where things start to get really interesting. You can target people based on both activities on Facebook (posts, likes, etc.) and “offline activity provided by data from Facebook’s trusted third-party partners” (which device they’re using, purchase behaviors, travel preferences, the list goes on). And you can overlay this with demographic and location targeting to further specific your reach!

4. Interests

What interests have people shown their in page posts? What other Facebook pages do people like? You can use information like this to more specifically target users. Facebook enables you to select specific interest keywords and even shows you how many people you can reach with that keyword.

5. Custom Audiences

Advertise to people you already know and/or who already know you. You can upload a contact list and Facebook will find those users on the network. You can then create ads specifically for them. This is a great way to target existing customers/donors/leads and reinforce the relationship.

6. Lookalikes

Another really valuable targeting option is the ability to reach people who share similar attributes to your existing customers or donors. Facebook will help you identify people who “look like” your existing contacts or Facebook page followers.

7. Remarketing

For those who don’t know, “remarketing” is when you’re looking at a product online and you later see that same product in an online ad. With Facebook ads, if someone clicks on an ad and visits your website you can then remarket to them based on that action. This is a great way to grab people who expressed interest in your offer but didn’t quite go all the way.

So Why Should You Start Testing Facebook Ads?

Here’s a quick summary…

Follow the general rule of marketing and advertising: Go where your audience is.

There’s over a billion people on Facebook on any given day and these people spend a good chunk of time on the site. No matter what your industry, at least some portion of your audience is on Facebook. Advertising on Facebook gives you the opportunity to connect with them.

Facebook ads enable you to use highly specific criteria to target your ads and create ad content that speaks directly to those users.

This is a huge direct marketing opportunity with a large pool of people to work with. Marketing today is all about speaking to the individual. Facebook provides one the most personal ways to reach people through advertising. Don’t miss out on it.