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Our own Ken Dawson talks Facebook political advertising with the media

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As we head into the final stretch of presidential campaigning, Facebook is set to be a major player in helping the candidates connect with voters. Millions, if not billions, will be spent on political advertising through the popular social network leading up to the November elections.

The significant and unprecedented role of social advertising for political campaigning this election cycle has the media buzzing. And our very own Ken Dawson, president of eleventy marketing group, has become a go-to media resource for talking Facebook political advertising.

Ken’s role helping the Ben Carson campaign achieve marketing and fundraising success by running hundreds of highly targeted Facebook ads gives him unique insight into this new digital campaigning tool. That insight has been tapped by a couple of major media outlets for a pair of recent news stories…

The Street: Exploring the Political Impact of Facebook’s Recent Video Advertising Ramp-Up

This article from The Street talks about Facebook’s recent announcement that its advertisers will now be able to reach a wider audience with their video ads. In addition to Facebook and Instagram, advertisers can now also have their video ads seen on other apps and sites where users spend time.

Ken Dawson of eleventy group quoted in political Facebook advertising article from The Street

The ability to cast a wider net with targeted video ads will be a big draw for advertisers—including the presidential campaigns. The Street notes that the extended audience reach comes just in time for the 2016 elections.

Ken is quoted extensively in the article talking about the potential value of this new change. Here’s an excerpt:

“Facebook has done a tremendous job of creating a toolset that is very easy to control where your inventory plays, the cost you’re willing to pay, who sees it, how long they see it, and the further that they’re able to provide those services into more networks, it’s going to be all the more powerful for them,” Dawson said.

Bloomberg Politics: Conservatives Meeting with Zuckerberg to Discuss Alleged Facebook Political Bias

This article from Bloomberg Politics explores the meeting between conservatives and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerbeg to discuss political bias. Recent reports have alleged that Facebook, which uses both an algorithm and human editors to determine its trending topics, gives more weight to liberal news stories.

Ken Dawson quoted in article on Facebook political bias from Bloomberg Politics

While the article notes that Facebook has no legal option to deliver balanced political news, it is important to the site’s perceptions—especially with the increasing amount of political advertising taking place on Facebook.

Bloomberg Politics asked Ken to weigh in on his experience using Facebook advertising to promote conservative candidate Ben Carson. Here’s his response:

“We placed millions of dollars of media on behalf of the Carson campaign on Facebook alone,” said Dawson, the president of Eleventy Marketing Group. “From my experience, I’ve found that Facebook has been highly effective and I’ve not experienced what I would perceive as tamping down of any content that we’ve tried to put out there.”