Eleventy Named Marketing Agency of Record for Blast Fitness

Blast membership is soaring in new partnership

By eleventy marketing group

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AKRON, OHIO – eleventy marketing group is proud to announce a new partnership with Blast Fitness. With dozens of first-class, family-friendly fitness clubs across the United States, Blast Fitness provides its members the best value in fitness.

“We are thrilled to be working with the team at Blast Fitness to get the word about the great product and amazing value they offer,” said eleventy president Ken Dawson. “This is a truly unique brand in the fitness space and we are passionate about helping them grow their membership.”

eleventy group assumed 100 percent of the marketing, advertising, and digital customer experience for Blast Fitness in late-December 2016. This includes managing all social media channels, in-gym displays, direct mail, email, search engine marketing (SEM), digital display ads, and more.

“eleventy stepped right in and has overdelivered on everything we’ve asked of them,” said Blast Fitness president and CEO Dean Parker. “Their integration, work ethic, and willingness to help in any area, even beyond the scope of our initial contract, have been a fantastic asset to us.”

eleventy is also working to help Blast Fitness employ innovative ways of bringing new members on board.

“We are implementing new marketing strategies to acquire more members using analytics and precise targeting,” Ken said. “We have rebuilt the Blast Fitness ecommerce system to ensure an efficient signup and checkout process for new members.”

Only a few weeks into the partnership, eleventy’s work is already delivering significant results. Blast Fitness is seeing five to 10 times more online membership sign-ups than they have historically, and overall memberships are up two to three times year-over-year.

Every gym in the Blast Fitness network is reporting a record amount of new foot traffic due to the revamped marketing and advertising efforts.

“As far as hitting the goals we set, we’ve hit those numbers every week so far this year,” Dean said. “The results speak for themselves—our sales are up 110 percent from where they were this time last year. I’m honored to be working with eleventy and have already recommended them to several other organizations.”

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