10 marketing trends to budget for in 2023

By Tim Lamb -

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It’s time to make sure you are investing in marketing that makes sense in the year 2023.

Most of these trends are focused on digital marketing but should integrate with your traditional marketing efforts. Both should feed off each other and create a powerhouse of brand awareness.

10 Trends for 2023:

1. Social media

Social media has become a powerful tool for brands to create and strengthen relationships with customers. An effective social media presence promotes not only brand awareness, but also customer ratings, reviews, customer service, sales promotion, and so much more. It's also a great way to get feedback on how you can improve your brand or product and an opportunity for brands to engage with their customers with a more human touch. Social media has changed the way we communicate and brings so much value to your brand. If you are not already investing resources into Social Media now is the time!

2. Analytics

To have a clear picture of where you should be investing, you first need to invest in detailed analytics and strategy. You may already be receiving weekly or monthly reports, but the numbers alone do not tell the story of what your campaigns are doing. More importantly, why your audience behaves a particular way, so you can make strategic adjustments. It’s time to invest in detailed analytics and evaluate where you need to make changes for better ROI.

3. Email

With privacy changes and fewer ways to track your audience online and reach them on social media, the best way to communicate with your audience is directly in their inbox. Email makes it easier to stay in touch with both current and potential clients. Gives you more control over what kinds of information you are sending out and when it will be sent. Your 2023 budget needs to include a solid email campaign strategy to capture emails, communicate with your audience and convert them.

4. Influencer campaigns

In 2023, customers want authenticity and that is coming from content creators, influencers, and brand ambassadors, so set aside a budget for this. Influencers have the power to drive more people toward your products or services. This is because consumers trust the recommendations made by their favorite influencers. Brands can use this to influence purchase decisions and drive more conversions. The right influencer already has your audience’s attention and trust—build off that.

5. Personalized experiences

In 2023, the only way for brands to connect with their customers is to provide a personal online connection. The days of one-size-fits-all marketing campaigns are over. You can no longer set your campaign up and let it run. There continue to be more tools allowing users to customize their feeds with the type of content they want, they can prevent tracking and are equipped with ever-increasing privacy options.

Brands must tap into each audience segment, capture their attention and speak directly to them. You’ll need to create distinct campaigns that address various audience segments rather than a lump sum. Get to the core of what drives them and speak to them and what they care about most.

6. Audio and voice search

Audio ad automation is taking over and it’s another way to reinforce messaging. There is growing consumer demand for audio content—on multiple platforms: Voice ads, Podcasts, and Voice Search Optimization.

For brands, this emerging marketing trend presents a unique opportunity to connect with consumers in a new and innovative way.

7. Augmented and virtual user experiences

The pandemic has taught us how to connect virtually with one another. And now people want that same virtual connection with the companies they choose to support. In 2023, customers want to get the inside scoop, have experiences, gain insights, and feel a sense of transparency. Even though brands cannot invite the world to physically tour their place of business, you can invite them in virtually. Immersive experiences are predicted to grow so don’t wait until every other brand is offering virtual tours and behind-the-scenes tours. Visually tell the story of how your product or service goes from concept to your customer before every brand is doing the same thing.

8. Video content

In 2023, it’s all about the video—long form, short form, reels, shorts...etc. The best part of digital and social video is you don’t have to set up a super-polished, expensive video shoot. Cell phone videos generated by users and your brand are a great way to complement professionally produced videos. Video marketing is powerful because it doesn't take much effort for users to click and watch videos (especially if they're short), and customers can access the information faster and easier than other forms of content. Customers are also more likely to share videos when compared to other forms of content. It has been reported that by 2023, online traffic will be mostly made up of video content.

9. Brand partnerships

There’s no better way to grow your reach and brand awareness to a specific target audience than combining forces with another brand that can add value to your community. Invest in detailed analytics and evaluate audience profiling that outlines their target audience’s interests. Look for opportunities of overlapping interests. Some of the most successful campaigns have found ways to amplify their own brand awareness with a brand partnership.

10. Focus on customer retention, loyalty, and advocacy

Loyal customers help to increase your brand's reputation and awareness. Happy customers make great and free brand ambassadors and influencers. In 2023, customer ratings and reviews, continue to be an important and trusted part of the customer's journey. Make sure they are working in your favor.

Combining forces: omnichannel marketing

Each of these trends are intended to combine forces to make a seamless and effortless brand experience. Your brand tone, voice, messaging, and content should be consistent across all platforms to create a powerhouse of brand awareness for your brand in 2023.

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