July 27, 2016

11 Examples of Pokémon GO Marketing Efforts for Your Inspiration

Wildly popular app provides an abundance of creative marketing opportunities

Since its U.S. release on July 6, Pokémon GO has become a phenomenon. The augmented reality mobile app had more first-week downloads than any game in history. An analytics firm estimates Pokémon GO has been downloaded over 75 million times—and it still hasn’t finished rolling out worldwide. By combining a popular brand with cool technology that pushes […]

The New Year is a great time to revisit those marketing and branding efforts that slipped through the cracks in previous months because of time, budget, or other priorities. One such effort collecting dust on the to-do lists of many organizations: a website redesign. Don’t let your website sit stagnant for another year. Use the New Year as […]

Gifts. Swag. Merch. From school kids raising money for athletics to political candidates on the campaign trail to established nonprofit “stores”, selling or giving away items is a common method of fundraising that has proven effective time and time again… When it’s done right anyway. So what does that mean, “to do it right”? We’ll explore the answer to […]

Online marketing is a large and complex machine. There are just so many moving parts (website, blog, email, social, video, etc.) that need to align for the all the gears to churn properly. Even with top experts on the job, it can be a challenge to keep the machine updated, oiled and running efficiently. Enter the infographic, […]

A logo can be a powerful marketing tool. This is especially true when it comes to political marketing—where how a candidate’s name is presented to the public can have big impact on voter awareness and perception. And nowhere in the political world are the marketing and branding stakes higher than they are in presidential campaigns. The […]