A recent infographic from the Salesforce blog caught our eye here at eleventy because it nicely visualizes the very mission and purpose of our organization. The infographic “The Modern Marketer: Part Artist, Part Scientist” shows the two key capabilities required for effective marketing in this day and age—creative ability and analytical skills. As a company […]

In marketing, first impressions are everything. With so much information overload at every turn, people now only glance at a website, mail piece or video to decide whether it’s worth their time. Appeal to their senses and they’ll learn more; rub them the wrong way and they kick you to the curb and move on. […]

It’s celebration time over here at eleventy marketing group. Just what are we clanking glasses and toasting to? The 50th post in the history of the eleventy blog! For the past year and a half—week after week—we’ve been posting valuable marketing news and insights for businesses and nonprofits. We figured what better way to celebrate this […]

A good deal of marketing involves trial and error. Organizations test, see what gets a response and develop best practices from there. The key is to find what works and optimize it for maximum effectiveness and ROI. With new technology and data tracking, pinpointing what’s working (and what’s not) is now easier than ever before. […]

Ever watch a movie set in the Old West? You see a landscape filled with open space. There are only a few buildings in town. If there are any signs, they state simple messages like General Store or Saloon. It’s a mostly quiet place. Quiet enough you take notice when tumbleweed rolls by or a […]