In a recent NonProfit PRO blog post, our own Angie Moore reported on the 2015 Deliverability Benchmark Report—which analyzes how many commercial emails are making it into customer inboxes. Angie focused on one particularly troublesome trend detailed in the report findings: Fewer emails are reaching their final destination. According to Return Path, a global data solutions provider […]

When companies and agencies talk about why social media is such a valuable marketing tool, you’ll hear one word repeated over and over: Engagement. Social media is an open conversation with the people you want to reach that doesn’t require someone to open a letter, click on an email, or pick up a phone. They’re […]

As we make our way into August, we face a hard truth: The end of summer is in sight. June and July are in the books. The next thing you know the kids will be back to school and we’ll be grilling dogs at Labor Day picnics. Fortunately, we still have the opportunity to make the […]

Despite the vast and infinite expansion of the online marketing universe in the past decade, email remains one of the top digital tools for organizations across the board. Email also sits at the top of the marketing hierarchy when it comes to return on investment (ROI). As reported by Direct Marketing News, the 2015 DMA […]

Whether you’re a B2C business, B2B company or nonprofit organization, giving people the ability to sign up for email updates on your website is always a good idea. It’s an easy way for potential customers or donors to move to the next level of engagement. When a person jumps onto your email list, they are giving […]