While nonprofits have been using mail, phone and event marketing for decades, online marketing is still a relatively new nonprofit tool. And a constantly changing one too. Where there was once email and websites, there is now social media, content marketing, peer-to-peer fundraising, mobile apps, landing pages, data analytics, and more. With so many avenues […]

For any nonprofit with an eye toward the future, Millennials are an incredibly important audience. They may be not significant donors yet, but they will be. That’s why laying the groundwork and creating a connection early on is so essential. The annual Millennial Impact Report is a great resource for nonprofit organizations looking to build […]

The past decade has been a rocky one for nonprofit organizations. There have been high highs and low lows. But new statistics from Giving USA reveal nonprofit fundraising numbers are close to returning to pre-recession levels earlier than expected. In today’s post, we’ll take a quick trip through fundraising past, present and future. We’ll explore […]

The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently revealed some new statistics on the prevalence of online giving in 2013. The overall online fundraising results fall along the same lines as stats from the 2014 M+R Benchmarks Study. But The Chronicle’s findings come with a caveat: The days of surging online giving growth may be behind us. Results of this […]

We live in an increasingly busy world. We’re working more, connecting more, traveling more. Technology has allowed us to do these things, which is great. But it also means we’re more and more crunched for time. A number of businesses and technologies have emerged in recent years to help us get that time back. In […]