When companies and agencies talk about why social media is such a valuable marketing tool, you’ll hear one word repeated over and over: Engagement. Social media is an open conversation with the people you want to reach that doesn’t require someone to open a letter, click on an email, or pick up a phone. They’re […]

Gifts. Swag. Merch. From school kids raising money for athletics to political candidates on the campaign trail to established nonprofit “stores”, selling or giving away items is a common method of fundraising that has proven effective time and time again… When it’s done right anyway. So what does that mean, “to do it right”? We’ll explore the answer to […]

Online marketing is a large and complex machine. There are just so many moving parts (website, blog, email, social, video, etc.) that need to align for the all the gears to churn properly. Even with top experts on the job, it can be a challenge to keep the machine updated, oiled and running efficiently. Enter the infographic, […]

You may have noticed a lot of organizations are redesigning their logos these days. From recent refreshes by StubHub and Pizza Hut to the numerous other big brands that have updated their stamps in the past couple years, it seems like more organizations are tweaking their logos more than ever before. It’s a trend that has […]

As we make our way into August, we face a hard truth: The end of summer is in sight. June and July are in the books. The next thing you know the kids will be back to school and we’ll be grilling dogs at Labor Day picnics. Fortunately, we still have the opportunity to make the […]